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Anyone? Any sharing? 


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Your topic makes no sense, if no money who's gonna sell you? Nobody selling, how you gonna buy it? =,=......................

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buy in game monopoly

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first, earn more and save more then u have money


ask yr parents or partner to pay :) 

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buy the property together with another party who can contribute more financially, while you just become the co-owner


wait until you strike big lottery

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Buy from your parents.

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No short cut, save the 10% deposit, lawyer fee, stamp duty (and all other transaction cost involved) first...

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Buying a property when you "don't have money", it is not a myth, but an applicable method, and lot of investor are doing that,

but first, we need to make it clear, the title "don't have money" here, what do you mean by "don't have money" ? RM 1 also consider have money, your don't have money are referring to how much?

second, please set a right mindset while doing property investment, lot of package in the market are telling you "0% down payment", "buy house get cash back", sometimes, it doesn't mean that "you do not need any money" to buy house, but it might needs you to pay a portion of deposit / booking, and rebate it back to you after loan approve or snp signed.

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help your buyer or seller to get good deals and earn commission to buy house also can

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@joblessmalaysia thanks for sharing