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Cyberjaya is the new hotspot for property investors and homebuyers alike with its futuristic foresight, many MNCs, and leading universities in the township. Development has hence been rapid, one might even say explosive, within Cyberjaya in the recent years. As a result, many top developments are appearing in the township.

A Hub of Multinational Corporations (MNC)

Cyberjaya is a favourite MNC spot due to its Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status. According to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the launch of Cyberjaya in 1997, the city is meant to be a leapfrog in the information age where world class companies will use it as a regional multi-cultural information hub.

In the year 2016, it would seem that Cyberjaya has met its vision and continues to grow. At the last count Cyberjaya has a total of 45 MNC companies, according to the official website of Cyberjaya Malaysia.

Amongst some of the most renowned MNC companies currently residing in Cyberjaya are Intel Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Shell, AIG, Dell and many more. Just these few companies have brought in thousands of white collared workers, who will in turn, need accommodation in town.

Leading Universities Also Make Their Home in Cyberjaya

As like calls to like, only the best of universities are setting up in Cyberjaya - alongside some of the most prominent companies and homes. Residing in harmony amidst all the greenery in the perfectly designed city are LimKokWing University of Creative Technology which has spawned some of Malaysia’s most successful designers, Multimedia University (MMU) which prizes itself in producing some of the best IT professionals in the country and of course the Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) - and these are only some of the universities.

In lieu of this, many local and foreign students have found their way to Cyberjaya. Hence in addition to the many white-collared workers who are already searching for a decent home in the cybercity, there are also throngs of students every year who seek to make a home in Cyberjaya.

Aside from the students, there are also the professors and lecturers, where a good number of them come with their families. Unlike the students who might prefer their own bachelor’s pad in the form of a Studio apartment, these families prefer comfortable and spacious homes.

Introducing the Belles of Cyberjaya

Rising up magnificently in response to consumer demands within Cyberjaya are two favourites of the neighbourhood. The first being Serin Residency and the second is Cristal Residence. Here is a brief look into the both of them.

Serin Residency

Lounging in the heart of Cyberjaya surrounded by peaceful nature and a serene atmosphere is the aptly named condominium Serin Residency. Built to overlook lush greenery, Serin Residency boasts of spaciousness.

The appeal of Serin Residency is such that it is considered to be the gem of Cyberjaya. Its central spot promises residents proximity to every convenience possible, and they will never be far from any form of amenity.

Prime colleges and universities are only a stone’s throw from the property, while a holler away is a commercial hub that is home to many cafés and a banana leaf rice restaurant.

Living in Serin Residency certainly has its advantages. Traffic congestion which plagues the KL City is practically non-existent in Cyberjaya with their well planned roads. Serin Residency also has the added advantage of being situated close to highways. In lieu of that are the Maju Expressway (MEX) and the North-South Central Link (ELITE), and only a short drive away is the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE).

One of the biggest advantages of living in Serin Residency is that it is a completed development - hence buyers get to see the end product before paying for it. They will be able to appreciate the size and beauty of the development and its relatively affordable price tags. A product of Villamas, Serin Residency is also located especially close to MMU.

Cristal Residence

Another pride of Cyberjaya lies barely up the road from Serin Residency. Taking up a vast tract of 11.44 acres is Cristal Residence - another quality project of Villamas. Cristal Residence was newly completed in 2016, and comes with an upmarket setting.

Spaces in Cristal Residence are palatial, and all the fittings that come with the development are luxuriously branded. There are choices for all walks of lives here with both landed villas and bungalows in the sky.

The minimum offerings of a unit at Cristal Residence are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with the high rises offering 1,320 sf of built-up space while the penthouse indulge 3,189 sf of space. However spacious, they still pale in comparison to the villas which come sized between 2,976 sf and 3,689 sf.

The prestige of Cristal Residence has not gone unnoticed, and their diligence to beauty, quality and elegance has won them the Asia Pacific International Property Awards for Highly Commended Architecture Multiple Residence Malaysia in the year 2013.

Investing in Cyberjaya

Naysayers who once said that Cyberjaya was not a good investment spot may now regret their decision of not purchasing a unit there. Rental rates are great, and official reports have gauged rental returns to be an average of 5.08% per annum despite weak market sentiments. Not only are new developments celebrated, the old ones are also just as much in demand.

If you are a property investor interested in long term investment, buying a property in Cyberjaya now may just be the best move you make while entry prices still remain on the affordable side. The tenant mix in the city is also great, hence getting decent tenants will be easier, while the quality of developments here are excellent as well.

Been looking for a property to buy or rent in Cyberjaya? Send in your requirements here and we will get a reliable agent to help you find a perfect one most suited to your needs.


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Nice article, Cyberjaya is very worth to invest now. The price still affordable and the rental there is very good because of the students and workers. I would like to buy a house at Cyberjaya for own stay or invest, really love the environment at there:)

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@kappapride I got one project at cyberjaya,is a very good location. Golden circle with primary chinese school, 2 shopping mall, 2 universities and also goverment/private hospital. Just RM460 per sq ft, if u want more information, can whatsapp me at 010-2637928 :)

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I read in the article above that traffic jams are non-existent in Cyberjaya. Which makes driving much more pleasant when compared to KL city.

Does anyone know, if the public transport in Cyberjaya is reliable and affordable?

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing