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As the year of the Monkey swings away, the Fire Rooster crows in welcoming at the dawn of a new year. But before reuniting with the family over a hot meal or the excitement of receiving ang pows (and even the agony of giving ang pows), the home should be perfectly “well feng shui-ed” to facilitate a year of abundance and harmonious relations ahead.

However, not all of us can afford to pay for the expert advise of feng shui masters, or do major renovations, so here are some simple steps that we can all follow to better feng shui our homes.

1. Create a welcoming entrance to the the coop

Path for “chi” to flow in

The entrance is the first thing that we see when entering the home. Hence, it is important to ensure, firstly that the entrance is clearly visible or easily accessible. Clear the entryway to the front door or remove shoe racks, cabinets, boxes or anything else that may be impeding the way, in order to allow smooth “chi” flow into the home.

If your front door is on the side of the home or anywhere else that may require some “searching”, it may not be favourable as it signifies that “chi” may not be able to flow easily into the home. But don’t start making plans to move that front door just yet! A simple way to counter this is to create a “path” that leads to the front door, denoting a more welcoming pathway for “chi” to enter your door.

Extra tip: Arrange pots of flowers or decorative fences to show the path to the front door if it is located at the side of your home.

New beginnings

What says “new year” more than a new coat of paint on the door or even a brand new front door! Peeling paint, chipped parts or even broken hinges and knobs are a definite NO. Fixing broken parts of your front door or even getting a new one altogether is a great way to start improving the feng shui of your home for the new year.

Here are the most suitable colour for your front door, depending on which direction it faces:

South- Red
North- Dark Blue or Black (if you’re not too superstitious or have any pantangs)
East and Southeast- Any natural wood colour (e.g.: Dark wood, red wood, birch etc.)
West and Northwest- Yellow or Ochre
Southwest and Northeast- White (again, if you have no superstitious leanings)

2. Clear the cluck…er…clutter

Clutter signifies a state of being stuck and unable to move forward. Ensure that there are no overly large pieces of furniture or other bits and bobs like shoes and toys strewn around. Walkways and doorways should also be clear of any obstacles. It is also important to ensure that windows are not blocked by cupboards, cabinets, as ample light and ventilation is also essential in avoiding stagnant “chi”.

Where else do you find clutter that your guests won’t? Behind the closed doors of wardrobes, drawers and especially, the fridge.

The fridge is where we keep food that will provide sustenance for us and our families, as such, so clear those empty bottles and forgotten leftovers and stock up on newer, fresher food, signifying an abundant livelihood. On the other hand, clearing the fridge and giving it a good wipe is also a great way to prevent bacterial growth within and thus, making it a cleaner and safer space to store food.

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Don’t miss out on clearing that wardrobe or your drawers. Donate clothing that you don’t wear anymore or get rid of loose screws and bent nails in that “tools drawer”- clearing any and all spaces of clutter will give you a sense of renewed energy to move forward in the new year.

3. Address items that n-egg at you

Broken items give an energy of decline or decay. Whether it’s a flickering lamp that’s been nagging at the back of your mind or even a remote control that needs new batteries, ensure that everything is in working condition within your home. Toss out broken vases, chairs or replace necessary items which are broken if they can’t be fixed.

A broken stove should top the list of items to fix, given that the stove is where food that provides sustenance is cooked, representing wealth and abundance!

Keeping items that remind you of something unpleasant or stressful, like a memento from a failed relationship or stacks of unpaid bills will create negative energy. So don’t be too sentimental and get rid of things that evoke negative thoughts and energy!

Extra tip: Remove withered plants and dried flowers as they can be equalled to dead “chi”. Use fresh flowers and live plants.

4. Spring the “chi”(ken) into flow

Activating “chi” flow within your home can begin with simple rearrangement of your furniture and also the skilled positioning of a water fountain, without having to break your bank account.

The “command position"

Spring into action and begin moving some furniture around to activate that “chi”! The “command position” is to place furniture in a way, where you are able to see the entrance to a room or space from the sofa, bed or work desk, and can be applied to any room. This way of arranging furniture is to ensure that you will have eyes on whoever enters the rooms, avoiding unwanted “surprises” and “shocks”.

Family/ living room

Regardless of the type of home, never position the sofa where your back is against the entrance to the living room. If you have a family space on the upstairs of your home, the same applies, where you should be able to see whoever comes up the stairs.


The position of your bed is especially important, as we spend a great part of our lives sleeping. Always place your bed against a wall, never in front of a window or in the middle of the room. This is to signify that you will have a strong and sturdy “backing” for whatever endeavours you undertake. As the “command position” would demand, you should also be able to see the entrance of the room. Do note however, that the bed should not be directly in front and/or facing the entrance door (or any other doors within the room for that matter).

Extra tip: Avoid placing the bed against the wall of a bathroom as well! As it can cause restlessness and represent instability.


Ideally, you should be able to see the entrance when you are cooking at the stove or cleaning at the basin. If your back faces the entrance when cooking or washing, a simple trick is to place a mirror in front of or near the stove and basin, which will allow you to see behind you and at the entryway.

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Water is wealth

Placing a water fountain in the home is also a great way to get the “chi” moving. One of the most common places to put a fountain is at the entrance of the home. However, careful thought has to be put into the direction as well as flow of the water.

To begin, ensure that the flow of the water is directed towards the home, signifying the flow of wealth into the home. A fountain with water flowing away from the home will mean just that- wealth flowing away from the home.

Next is to ensure that the water flows constantly and in an unimpeded way. Avoid water fountains that gush with too much water and even those which just drip slowly. The stream of water should flow just right, where you feel calm when looking at it or listening to its tinkle. Size and material do not play too much of a role, though it is best to ensure that the fountain does not block the entrance.

Avoid placing water fountains in the bathrooms and kitchen of the home, as putting them in the washroom could spell the flow of wealth down the drain. The kitchen is also a space to avoid water fountains as water is opposed to the element of fire (the stove), which could mean a dampening of wealth.

Extra tip: Keep bathroom doors closed at all times as “chi” can be dampened and even “flushed” away.

Feng shui or not, just spring clean!

Whether you believe in feng shui or not, you’d probably agree that straightening things out in the home is great way to prepare yourself for the coming year and also make your home presentable to visiting relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year celebrations. So brighten up that entrance, clear the clutter, fix or throw out broken items and do a little rearranging to spruce up your home for the coming festivity!

Planning to buy a new home? See how to choose the right home for you- the feng shui way or just simply post your requirements and let the PropSocial community help you find that dream home!

Also check out PropSocial’s Property Outlook 2017 if you’re curious what the coming year holds for the property market!


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Fengshui is very important :)

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Just my 2 cents: not only this, you also need to know where is your "五鬼/五王位" (We normally calling it 5-Wong / 5-ghost position) 

As the place will be changing from year to year when you are drawing your 9 box. 

This place is a forbidden place and many would not want to activate this place 

(When we say activate means that, no activity, e.g. having a fish tank, water fall, TV, HI-Fi System etc) and most importantly there should not be any home improvement done on this particular place on this particular year. 

Again, feng shui is relatively subjective and not all would believe / practice it...  

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Wow, this is good insight, Ronald! I really am not aware and have not heard of this before. All I know is having a fish tank (filled with fishes, not empty fish tanks) and water fountain feature in your house is a good thing. I didn't know that there could be a 'bad' section to put these. 

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing