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Many might not know that this campaign is on-going for all existing UniFi Subscriber. 

As Government had pushed all Internet Provider to double up their Internet Speed (yes and to my surprise, despite the so called 4G our speed is still very much slow as compared to the neighboring country)

TM had actually initiated the Thank You Surprise and many might not know what this is, so let me help summarize this for all the readers: 

1. It is an appreciation campaign for all TM loyal customer (All Homeline / Streamyx / Unifi) from the residential segment who have subscribed to TM services by 28 Feb 2017.

2. By submiting your details into the portal, you are able to view your current package vs the surprise options.

3. You may then decide whether to accept or deny the upgrade not later than 31 Jan 2017. (Upon declining the offer, you will be unable to enjoy the surprise offer again)

4. If you cant check your surprise via website you should contact the TM live agent from the website for further assistance.

To check your surprise you can hop on to:


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Maybe need to be long time customer or business type UNIFI to be eligible?

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all exiting customer can get. 2 options. 

1. free 1 year Happy Channels Subscription - auto renewal, remember to cancel if u dont like it later :)

2. Sign up WeBe telco line with RM10 rebate to your TM bills for 1 year :) unlimited internet access for your own phone only, no data sharing. 

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Good choices for upgrade from TM. I really hope UNIFI can offer portable WiFi options for its subscribers soon.

My point is, no matter how fast the internet fibre connection is currently, it is only usable at home or office.

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@imronaldsoo thanks for sharing