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I have a simple question which I do not know the exact answer.

Say, if a condo is completed and VP, but still have units from developer. If a buyer buying one unit directly from Developer after the completion & vp, may I know WHEN will the buyer get the house key? 

1. Straight away after signing SPA & Loan agreement?

2. After the SPA is stamped?

3. Just wait for developer's letter?

Anyone has such experience? 


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If you are purchasing using a Bank Loan, normally after you Sign all the bank loan document and upon the bank releasing all final payment to the developer, then you can sign the VP and get the keys... 

You wont get the key until all payment is made full to the developer.

For Cash Buyer, your lawyer will hold the sum of amount and checked every detail and ensure that all criteria is fulfilled by the developer then they will hand over the balance sum to the developer and once they cleared the cheque, you will then be called upon to sign the VP and then they will pass you the key.

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@JohnL @imronaldsoo Thanks for the reply. So I guess I just have to wait until after Stamping & full disbursement from bank to developer then.

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@nicky_esh Hi ESH, yes without full disbursement they will not release the key despite the unit is already built :) 

Hope you can get your unit real soon.

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@nicky_esh thanks for sharing