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Normally police will not entertain the outstanding rental/eviction issue without a court order.

But if the tenant no pay rental at the same time stole all the item inside the unit, can I log a police report about stolen on items (instead of rental issue), as criminal cases so police will take action directly? instead of treat as tenancy issue. 


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you have to log a police report & it will be treated as criminal case. Very simple logic. 

For example a real case happened in my condo where a tenant of low floor (same floor as facility lounge) "borrowed" the sofa cushions from common area lounge & let his guests to sleep INSIDE his unit. Management log a police report as criminal offense. 

This is call stealing criminal case, regardless of tenant or owner or watsoever. Similar situation to yours, if your tenant stolen all the units from your unit. 

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thanks for your good sharing. coz too much tenancy issue police will not involve directly until get court order. just need some clarification.

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Yes you can, but I think, in such event, it's best that those items were listed in the inventory list of your Tenancy Agreement. As such, it makes it easier for the law enforcement to step in.

Just my 2 cents, not sure if I'm right about it. 

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@Ace yup, agreed with u. inventory and picture in tenancy contact will be the proof of the item in the unit. 

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Then every buy something new for the tenant (such a new TV or Air con or water heater... need both parties to sign and update the tenancy contract with stamping?

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@6011_3531_5354 thanks for sharing