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Living in Malaysia and paying the tyrant utility bills is becoming difficult day by day. You never know when the monthly payment value will surpass your budget owing to the constantly increasing charges of electricity usage per unit. Under such circumstances, we have to seek refuge in measures that can reduce the utility bills as much as possible.

Upgrade to LED lighting system

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From the industrial to commercial domain, kitchen under cabinet lighting, and under furniture or hallway lighting, LED lighting has won it all. Manufacturer of LED Lights in Pakistan and those all around the world have manufactured this long lasting, durable, eco-friendly and energy efficient lighting system to benefit the worthy people. LED has three main benefits:

- It decreases the overall utility bills

- It introduces a better eco-friendly energy system

- It is durable, affordable and energy-efficient

By now, most of you would be aware of the importance of LED lights. With the changing prices of electricity units, it’s time that you replace the incandescent lights at your home with LED bulbs and flashlights. The fact that the LED lights in Malaysia are available in multiple shapes and sizes is simply amazing. You can use have it in your bedroom or lounge, or install LED cabinet lights in the kitchen and use these lights in drawers and underneath the furniture – it’s your choice.

The usage of LED bulbs and lights have resulted in saving up to 80 -85% of energy otherwise utilized by the incandescent lights. Once the energy usage is reduced, the cost of the utility bills will automatically reduce as well. Consult our lighting contractors if you need help with the installation.

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Manage your cooling system

When it’s hot outside (which is every day), you turn on the air conditioner to avoid being roasted by the heat. To reduce the payment price, you need to manage your air conditioner smartly. It would be best to set the thermostat at a specific temperature and allow the air conditioner to turn down once the desired temperature is reached.

The use of programmable thermostat also helps to lower down the working efficiency of these systems when no one is at home. Don’t forget to change the air filters of your air conditioner regularly because that plays a vital role in controlling the bill as well. If you need help, our professional air cond contractors can help you with that.


Save electricity whenever you can

Your best option to restrict the utility bills is to save as much electricity as possible. Some of the top ways to do that are as follows:

- Turn off the electrical appliance when it is not in use. This goes for television, air conditioners, water heaters and similar appliances.

- Try baking and cooking at night time when the temperature outside is lower as compared with the morning temperature. This forms a good ventilation system and keeps the house temperature adjusted.

- Use cold water in the washing machine to wash the clothes. This has recently become one of the best ways to save electric energy.

- Install shower head adapters in washrooms.

- Get rid of old refrigerators as soon as possible as they utilize extra electric energy.


Make use of daylight as much as possible

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Making use of daylight means using the natural sunlight to illuminate the inside of the house. Creating the inside and outside light shelves allow the light to fall in the house at the right place. In other words, daylight is used to its maximum potential and offers an alternative to the use of electrical lights. It saves electricity for at least half of the day and keeps the utility bills low.

Worried about not having sufficient windows or the right type of panes that invite fresh sunlight in? No problem. Our helpful window contractors will be glad to assist.

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Yes I just saw the difference between LED light and the others comparison. It helps save more and last longer. In fact, use most of the 5 Star Electricity saving Electrical Item will save alot too. Reduce usage of Aircond by installing fan and open the window to let air flow will helps too. 

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@henry cant gurantee on decrease of electricity usage, but at least to manage electricity more efficiency, and provide convienece. 

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