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Tiny apartment? You must be exhausted… from running out of space.

The struggle is real. Tiny homes require you to scale down on the type of designs and decorative items you might want, because space is always an issue. You can’t even navigate your way to the kitchen without banging your knee against something.

You might think you’ve completely maxed out every inch in your home, but what if we told you that you could still maximise that little place of yours to appear more spacious?

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1. Built-in shelves

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Getting wary about your extensive book collection? Before you seriously contemplate selling your precious books, utilise the empty walls around your home as built-in shelves. Your walls will double as bookshelves and feature walls! Trust us – your guests will be awed at the sheer creativity.

2. Sliding doors

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Replacing regular doors with sliding ones definitely opens up the space and offer a slice of elegance to the room. You can also request for made-to-measure sliding doors and customise them to suit your home’s theme and style.

3. Corner shelves

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This is an a cosy alternative for boxy bookshelves. Wall-mounted shelves can shift a boring space into a nifty, space-saving abode.

4. Door-less wardrobe

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Wardrobes are bulky and they eat up a lot of space. So go door-less! Transform your corner of your room into a home-grown boutique-like area, where you can just display your clothes and shoes with pride.

5. Lofted bedroom

Photo Credit: Ella Hoy

Bunk beds have not gone out of style, and they’ll probably stick around for a few more decades because of their ingenious space-conserving technique. Plenty of lofts and studio apartments in thriving metropolises like New York City, Tokyo and other parts of the globe have resorted to lofted beds as a lifestyle.

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I remember seeing IKEA with their in-store space saving 1-to-1 scale apartment model for home owners' references... quite a lot of ingenious space saving techniques which are very practical yet elegant in design.

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Putting up some huge mirrors on the wall will make the space look & feel spacious....

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I don't mind saving space but those concept published is seriously nice and cosy.

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Mirrors. Just what I did with one of my properties. Virtually double up your space, without needing a larger area. Just make sure do not place 2 mirrors facing one another for the "infinity mirroring" effect. LoL

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seriously good :)

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for picture 5, how much it cost to build that?

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Picture 5 looks great in small rooms.

A bit dangerous without a railing to prevent from failing to the ground and injure yourself

Radzi propland small

Thanks friend.....good idea for owner who buy new house

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  measure every area before buying a furniture's. large furniture not suitable for small spaces  

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@domng agreed with you. should have a small gate to block.

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Especially important for those who sleep-walk!

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@kaodim thanks for sharing