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will you focus on freehold property only? or? so far my unit is leasehold.

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Mutiara Rini,  Johor have leasehold 991 years.  

Developed by Bousted, same developer for Mutiara Damansara. 

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@domng thanks for your information shared.

Most common Leasehold tenures usually last 30, 60, 99 but in some cases, 999 years. Ofcourse Limitation and restriction is there by the state government. I had heard from legal consultant that normally if the tenure is 999 years, is that government think that that particular piece of land is not really a potential growing area. They might take it back anytime whenever the area are well growing. Ofcourse that there will be a compensation base on the Government Value Scale. However, There are cases where some land are not compensate too.

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Leasehold for 30 years only?

Can please share with everyone where for instance. Thanks

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As I know, PJ certain area is 30 years tenure previously. You have to pay for the extension of the leasing tenure when it is expired ofcourse. However, for now, in KL,  mostly all 99 years leasehold.