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Agency : Chester Properties (HQ) Sdn. Bhd. ( E(1)1321)

我是 Davidpoo89,来自 Chester Properties (HQ) Sdn. Bhd. 的专业房地产房地产经纪人。

I am a full time negotiator.Passionately and enthusiastically involves in real estate.If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent property, you’ve come to the right place. I am ready to serve you.

For many people, home is the ultimate retreat, a private space where you can rest, relax and recharge in comfort.

1) Property Investment Services
2) Exclusive Marketing Service for Sale & Lease
3) Exclusive Tenant & Buyer Representation to Find an Industrial
4) Landlord Representation to Find Potential Buyer or Tenant
5) Market Research, Consultancy Services and Proposal Presentation

Let me (David Poo ) lead the way, and make your dreams come true.

HP no: 012-9133270
My email address: davidpoo89@gmail.com

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