Damansara Avenue 的出租房产

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关于 Damansara Avenue

Damansara Avenue 的出租房产

Damansara Avenue is a mixed development of commercial lots (Ativo Plaza) and a residential tower (Azelia Residence), whereby the residential component of the development is connected to the commercial sectors via a bridge, with the entire development focused around a linear park. Despite bearing a commercial front, the environment of the area is still quiet and peaceful with most of the shops here being of class and quality. The front of the development is beautifully landscaped, while located at the back portion of the open-air commercial area, there is a park designed for toddlers and children. The environment is refreshingly fresh, clean and contemporary, bearing an exclusive air which many find ideal and pleasant especially for an evening escapade or meeting before having dinner at one of the many choice restaurants that Damansara Avenue has to offer.