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Any suggestion on location and type? Demand and supply ? Seek for gurus advices .. thank you 


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Thanks for your pro reply =)

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my 2 cents: 

1. If the seller are pretty desperate

2. No Price War (counter offer by multiple parties)
3. Prices are below market value
4. Assessed the property at its worst (worst case scenario, cant secure a tenant, your holding power)

5. Your available cash flow (again holding power)
6. Calculate your returns and risk (well you might not gain anything in the first few years... coming back to your holding power again)
7. and most importantly patience (there are tons of it, and it is the buyer market nowadays, do your own study and compared before making a rush decision on it)

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Holding Power + Patience appears to be very important for Commercial property investment...

Do you think the initial investment capital is important as well? As i see a lot of banks are reluctant to offer high loan margin for commercial properties.

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@darrenlmsb thanks for sharing