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I believe most of us are used to Equal Loan Payments (Equal Amortization) for our mortgage...

Does any banks offer Equal Principle Payment scheme?

Equal Principle Payment:

The loan is repaid in equal amounts of principal. The installments are unequal, however, because the interest payment is largest in the first year and become smaller as the principal is gradually paid.

Equal Amortization:

This loan is repaid in equal installments under this type of repayment. The amount applied to principal is smallest in the first year, then the same payments to principal gradually increases through the payment years, the largest which is made on the last year. The decreasing payment on interests, however, equalizes the uneven payments on principal.

Any banker can provide advice?


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Really no banks offer mortgage payment methods other than Equal Loan Payment?

Note that the Equal Principle Payment method, the monthly payment starts off higher initially but reduces overtime. In other words, different payment amount for every month.

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