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Plastered over the newspapers on almost a daily basis are stories of the crimes committed in squatter areas and around low cost flats. Coming into play are the wonderful concept of gated and guarded neighbourhoods, where residents are guaranteed a safe and secured lifestyle in peace and quiet. However, is that really the case? PropSocial decided to take a look into these cases and interviewed a number of people who live in gated and guarded neighbourhood.


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Dirty and decrepit, most of the squatter areas or places tenanted by migrants have a bad name. Crimes from orgy parties at midnight to couples fighting and committing suicide on the spot, most of these places have their own stories. Here are some of the examples:

Flora Damansara

Mar 2014 - A drug deal gone bad when the culprits’ fear for the authorities made them try to escape. When patrolling the area close to midnight at the condominium, the police heard a noise coming from the victim’s unit. Upon breaking in, three men were found clinging onto the window grille in an attempt to escape. While two of them managed to escape by climbing down, one lost his grip, fell six floors down and died.

Apartment Lestari

Dec 2013 - This is a low cost apartment in Damansara Damai. Its looks are definitely not appealing, and it is definitely located in one of the less savoury areas. An 18-year old college going student here was found with 5 stab wounds to her abdomen clad in only her underwear, while her Indian national construction worker boyfriend was found with 7 stab wounds. How were their bodies found? When the debt collector broke into their home in an attempt to collect his dough a few days later.

Apartment Saujana

August 2012 - Murdered at home from strangulation, Nur Syaleza an executive of TV9 was killed  by her husband in their home. The evidence allegedly pointed to the husband being upset with her working hours, and some say, perhaps jealousy? Although it was first thought that it was a suicide by hanging case, the husband was convicted of murder in the end.

Mentari Court

Oct 2011 - The police busted a slave prostitution ring in Mentari Court where a total of 21 Ugandan women aged between 18 and 42 years of age were kept captives in 4 units. They were rescued, transported to a welfare home and deported back to their countries after a series of investigations.

Mentari Court is perhaps one of the most  infamous apartments in the Klang Valley where the fight against crime is an ongoing day-to-day activity. This place is famous for:

1) Cheap prostitutes 
2) Illegal migrants (involved in prostitution and drugs)
3) Gangsterism

To cap it all off, it was reported in the year 2011 that Malaysia is a haven for child prostitution, with the youngest of them being only 13 years old. And where are these youngsters housed? In low cost apartments. http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/165902.html

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Come into play, the homes of the rich people who live in gated and guarded communities. The editor of PropSocial has been nosing around for a while now for good and interesting stories to spike the interest of her readers. Surprisingly, what she found were a series of frightening crimes - which have never been reported before. Perhaps because of the influence of the rich?

With their wide, cobblestoned walkways and landscaped gardens, the rich live in the ultimate luxury of safety and comfort. Or that’s what outsiders think. Here’s an insider’s look into what really happens behind those 12-feet walls topped with electrified wires.

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Kota Damansara

2013 - A socialite had gone out for breakfast with her friends, leaving her sister-in-law’s and her maids at home in charge of her sister-in-law’s toddler. Just having finished her breakfast and heading over to a jewellery fair, she suddenly got a call from home. “Mam! Your sister’s maid has taken the baby and left the house with a bag!” Needless to say, the “mam” sped home immediately. Very fortunately, she caught the maid carrying the baby with her bags standing at the corner of the road waiting for a cab. Also needless to say, they had her deported immediately despite her insistence that she was only taking the baby out for a walk. Like, seriously?! And the guards of the neighbourhood? They just let her walk out without question.

USJ 3, Subang Jaya

2014 - Stolen tyre hubs outside low cost condominiums and stolen tyre rims outside low cost apartments are the norm. But… a stolen luxury car from behind locked gates in a gated and guarded neighbourhood with CCTV surveillance cameras? This was another unreported case of which the story was divulged by a resident of the area.

Section 11, Petaling Jaya

2010 - This is an area full of large and beautiful bungalows of supreme value in an area full of dignitaries and expats. And this is a story of a bungalow that is too huge for its own good. No joke intended. The house was broken into at midnight by a pair of thieves. The maid woke up, and started screaming for help. They raped her and stole all the electronic goods from the house. The owners woke up the next morning to find all their belongings downstairs gone, and they had not even heard a peep from their maid who was found sobbing in her room. They made a police report and sent the maid back to her own country.

Round 2. Another maid was hired. The house was broken into… yet again. The alarm system was jimmied. Maid number 2 was raped repeatedly, all the while screaming her head off. After the thieves had satiated themselves, they then proceeded to relief the owners of their electronic goods again. The owners woke up the next morning to find their new maid sobbing her heart out. A police report was made, the second maid sent back again, and the then owners of that house have since moved out. The new owners? He has a couple of pretty fierce guard dogs, a security guard and an alarm system. Interestingly, there is a police booth just around the corner of the street.

Puncak Prima, Sri Hartamas

2004 - A woman by the name of Noritta Samsudin, a model cum GRO, was found in her bedroom dead from erotic asphyxiation. It was a high profile case for many years, of which it still remains unsolved to this day as the man who perpetrated it was never found. This highly heinous crime was performed in a 24-hour gated and guarded condominium with surveillance cameras and tight security.

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So you be the judge. Which is more dangerous and which is safer? The rich man’s home where luxury cars are stolen from behind locked gates and maids are repeatedly raped with the furnishings stolen without the owners hearing a single thing? Or the poor man’s neighbourhood where drug deals are transacted at night and prostitution is an open warfare? Well, the environment around the rich man’s home is undoubtedly and hands down more pleasant. Other than that, the illusion of safety in a neighbourhood is ever just that. An illusion.

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Nevertheless, come and check out Setia Eco Park, the township which the editor after her many years of property hunting has deemed to be the safest neighbourhood in Malaysia. Having what some say is the strictest security in town, the security guards apprehended three runaway maids within just one year by checking every visitor’s car thoroughly before they leave.

And they also prevented robberies from happening by calling the house to ensure that the owners are in before allowing the visitors in, and by following the visitor to the house itself via bicycles and watching the owners come out to greet and invite the visitor in before leaving. Having patrolling guards at all times of the day and night who make it their duty to change and extend their patrol route a little bit just to keep watch over a group of inane girls chatting by the lake at midnight helps a lot too.

However, nowhere is entirely safe these days. Do be vigilant at all times. Stay safe!

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Written by: Foo Eu Lynn (13th May 2015)


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P  2c3e50 small

Sad stories.... why are all these crimes happening in our neighborhood? what are the relevant authorities doing to reduce eliminate and prevent them from happening?

Waqi crop small

Still, at least having a G&G home helps relieve 50% of anxiety n crime

Dianelynn.86 small

I wanna stay in a play liek Setia Ecopark too!! But i'm too poor!! So how?!

K  c0392b small

brain wash all human is better way...cause all crime is by human

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Bet the maids at Section 11 were enjoying it more than screaming for help. They must be pretty good actresses then, in order to just let this happen.

D  c0392b small

The unfortunate truth is, rich men have a choice which they can pay for better security while poor men do not have such choice and they have to deal with what they have

E  27ae60 small

@danielvundy Sadly, I agree with you. Those rich guys can buy trained guard dogs, install infra red security cameras and alarms and hire security guards. But what can the poor people do? Sad...

D  f39c12 small

Yes.. Good neighbourhood for rich ppl

Photo2 small

So after all, crimes can happen in both rich and poor neighborhood. I guess its just the mentality and the standard of living that we have to improve to solve this. I guess no matter how strict security or how many tiers it is with, as long as the economy is good, public awareness is high and law enforcement is efficient enough, crimes will decrease, like Singapore...

 061  img 5963 small

@shawnlim, I agree with you. Very much depends on the society's mentality, economy situation and law enforcement.

As for Singapore, it's also because it's a tiny country and there's nowhere to run. Lol xD

D  f39c12 small

Malaysia is big,

D  c0392b small

Yes, have to agree that crimes can happen in both rich and poor neighborhood. But would it be fair to claim that neighbourhood with good private security definitely has lower crime rate?

The only way to tackle crime rate in the society is to attract higher FDI, create more real jobs, and reduce unemployment rate. If everyone has a decent job, I doubt people want to rob for fun or do a part time robbing job :)

D  f39c12 small

have to make the country a better state to live in

Photo2 small

Haha, true true, everyone plays their own part in building this country together

C  2c3e50 small

Why not thief go to the rich guy? Poor guy has nothing to steal also. If I'm thief i will just go to rich man. haha...

D  c0392b small

Because rich guyshave tighter security :)

Zikri white small

This best neighborhood to live in is TTDI. The neighborhood association is very strong and active. Police are quite attentive to security and there is good cooperation between them. Sure there are break ins but its manageable. I see policemen patrolling day and night here. That's why a non renovation house single storey house is a million bucks while you can add another 150k get double storey house in BU. Security is one reason people willing to pay to stay here.

C  16a085 small

Nowhere is completely safe. Even if you stay in a mansion that has personal security guard & every high-end security devices, you can't avoid disasters like earthquake. Just live with it & stay happy :)

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I have one encounter... in the area that i am staying... 

in the past where the resident here form a gated and guarded community whereby each of us have to pay RM80 to hire security guard... the crime rate spike to the peak...

then later on more and more resident refuse to pay the gated and guarded fee and at the end of the day the committee dissolved due to insufficient funding. 

surprisingly without the presence of the security guard, break-in cases immediately dropped to less than 10% a month within the community. 

so i am really not sure in some area, the security would helped. 

S  1abc9c small

i think the safest area is perhaps where I live - sri suria in bukit rimau ;-)

we just do it a bit better, thanks to a very strong and active RA, 9-foot walls with razor wire, and a professional property manager (Henry Butcher).

Kate chew small

@iamronaldsoo, sometimes the security guards are the culprit! You may never know.

20150527 023646 1 small

@iamronaldsoo ............sounds like guard bringing in those crimes?

Pic small

@carmenfoong ... i am not surprised...

C  16a085 small

do you have any actual data or statistics supporting the information?

Own dp small

This post is just about the sharing of the ares of crime with the title of comparison. I believe sometimes the guard is being formed and collecting the monthly security fee as they make up the scenarios of breaking into the houses and causes many unfortunate things to happen to give fear to that certain neighbourhood.

Attachment small

Crimes happens everywhere not just neighbourhoods. Ever since ISA Act was repealed, a lot of hard core criminals taking advantage. Most are repeat offenders be it drug addicts, robbers etc. Even the area I stay also, may car tyres, batteries stolen and missing. Cars not spared too. 

Own dp small

@ad85_chew That's very true. Crimes happen everywhere and its up to PDRM overcome it by monitoring and patroling. Basically doing their work in a more proper and responsive way.

For Car batteries, Tyre puncture - It happens alot at the LRT/MRT/KTM parking areas. It's been a norm until public don't know what to do with it.

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing