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Furry friends, furbies and furkids. These are all names modern pet owners often use to describe their best friends that walk on all fours. Having pets in your home is an enriching experience, as pets offer warm and comforting companionship, no questions asked.

However, pets in general still have their wild sides, and can act in ways that can be annoying, especially when they mess up or damage things in the home. Usually, younger animals that are yet to be properly trained can be a little harder to handle. In order to make your home less prone to negative pet behaviour and protect the pets themselves from any potential harm, here are 7 ways to improve your home:

1. Consider non-wooden flooring

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If you have pets, chances are they will be running quite often on your floors and therefore it would be better to have harder flooring, like tiles or marbles. These hard type of floors will be resistant to scratches and they offer a cool place for your pets to sleep on during warm weather. If you would still like to have wooden floors, be sure to choose hardwood like oak and mahogany.

2. Minimise the presence of carpets

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Carpets are able to trap fur and dirt from pets, which gives rise to the growth of bacteria, mold and other germs. The particles that are trapped in carpets can even cause allergies for both humans and pets if left to proliferate. Minimising the number of large carpets is a good idea. Instead, of carpets, use small rugs instead, and make sure that they're tightly woven and inexpensive.

3. Avoid white upholstery

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White upholstery on sofas, chairs and other pieces of furniture may not be such a good idea, as your dog or cat may drag in dirt and other elements that can stain your pieces and make them extremely hard to clean. Instead, go for leather or PVC coverings that won't absorb moisture and can be easily cleaned.

4. Minimise fragile decorations

Pets can easily run around and bump into things, so try not to have ceramic and glass vases, as well as trinkets or nice sculptures on the floor that can easily topple or break and injure your pets. If you're placing ceramic or glass items on a raised table, make sure they're not placed too close to the edge and won't fall if your pet happens to bump into a table leg.

5. Hide all electrical cables and toxic substances

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Pets are very curious - especially inquisitive little puppies - and will often explore places they're not supposed to, such as corners, drawers and cupboards, and therefore risk accidentally electrocuting themselves if they start chewing on live wires or sockets. Make sure you switch off sockets that aren't in use and place a socket cover over them. Place wires neatly above ground level and beyond your pet's reach.

The same goes to toxic substances like herbicide, medication and other poisonous items. Keep them in very high cabinets or safely locked away. Certain plants are toxic to pets, so make sure you don't have any of those within their reach.

Your dogs and cats are an integral part of your family, so it's really important to make sure that both you and your pets can lead clean and safe lives together. If your pets have soiled your carpet or couch, don't worry - you can have those materials professionally cleaned by Kaodim cleaners. Let us know if you need additional assistance in the improvement of your home, such as installing certain flooring, wiring and so forth. We have the right experts at your service!


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I have heard of a separate swimming pool and shower for Pets in a Condominium in Singapore. Talk about having a luxury life for the pet!

Gem Residences 

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not going to have pet in home :) 

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Me too, not worth the hassle to have a pet at home... 

maybe can visit a petting establishment to play with them; minus the long term commitment.

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@kaodim good sharing