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Whether you’re a KLite or a Selangorian, you must agree that Cheras is known for its mind-boggling traffic and that vibrant night market in Taman Connaught. That’s not all. Since its development in the 1960s, this mature suburb now has a population of close to a million. Pretty dense, right? To add, with new developments like Sunway Velocity Mall, VIVA Homes, MyTown and IKEA Cheras, this district is getting more hip than ever.

So here’s a million-dollar question to property buyers and renters out there - Will you consider investing on a property in Cheras? Would you stay there? Now, hold your horses. Before you answer that question, let us give you some first-hand insights. We scoured the area for a few residents and property agents to give us a little insider input about the neighbourhood. Here are what they have to say.

Cheras: Things You Should Know

Foong Shee Ean, 23, Freelance Photographer/Student
Lives in: Taman Midah (since 1996)
Type of Property: Terrace

“I’d say that Taman Midah is a rather quiet neighbourhood because it’s a little further from the city centre. Hence, there’s not much traffic going past. Nevertheless, there are shortcuts and trunk roads to get to the town. The only thing that’s deterring me from going there is the amount of traffic congesting the area. Plus, the habit of double-parking is a major issue there.

“As for amenities, they’re easily accessible too; from where I’m staying. There are a few eateries around the area and a morning market, for my everyday need. Tesco Hypermarket is also just a stone’s throw away. In my opinion, Cheras is a very good place to settle down in. However, it has its downsides like slightly high crime rates, the constant power cuts and lack of food choices.”

Nur Izzati binti Zamani, 21, Student, UCSI University
Lives in: Taman Connaught (renting since 2015)
Type of Property: Condominium

“It’s really easy to get to Taman Connaught, since the exit is connected straight to the main highway running through Cheras. The only problem is the traffic during peak hours. So getting to my place by driving can sometimes be a pain. However, the alternatives of public transport like LRT Bandar Tun Razak and Bandar Tasik Selatan stations, which are about 10 minutes from where I live helps me to travel out of Cheras. Also, UCSI university, where I’m studying at, is just a walking distance from my condo.

“What I enjoy about living in Taman Connaught is that I am near to a good number of shopping malls, for example, IKON Connaught Shopping Mall. What I don’t fancy are the air and noise pollutions constantly lingering the area. Cleanliness is also an issue. It irks me that I have to walk past mounds of garbage and smell it on the way to classes, especially in the morning.”

Joshua, 34, Salesperson
Lives in: Taman Len Sen (since 2002)
Type of Property: Terrace

“My place - Taman Len Sen, is nearby to Cheras Sentral Mall, Econsave Hypermarket, as well as the commercial lots. Accessibility wise, travelling to Taman Len Sen is really easy, as there is an exit from the Cheras-Kajang Expressway. Same goes when commuting within the neighbourhood because everything is not that far apart.

“Alas, that does come with a bit of a price. Traffic can be congested travelling into the city. I know this because I work in KLCC. Furthermore, safety is not a highlight in Cheras, unless you’re staying in a gated and guarded area.”

Before continuing to read about insights given by property agents, let's take a breather and see what Cheras has to offer in the video below:

Josephine, Property Agent at IQI Realty KL
Experience: 10 years

“Cheras has a large amount of possibilities. Anything you want, you’re bound to be able to find it in Cheras. This itself is a huge advantage to me. Plus, the fact that Cheras is an area where it’s properties are mature is another advantage.

“I do have to say that the traffic situation is quite a dampener when it comes to Cheras, which is due to a few highways running through the area. For those who have no option but to drive as a form of commute, this would be a disadvantage I’d point out.

“That being said, it is close to Kuala Lumpur city centre, which is a really good selling point for properties in Cheras. As a matter of fact, this district is rather close to most of the Klang Valley areas, which I find to be really convenient.”

Alex, Branch Manager of Hutton One Cheras
Experience: 20 years

“Thanks to the infrastructure and developments that has been put to place as well, we now see Cheras as a very conducive living area, with ease of access to major highways, and the rise in transportation via MRT in the future, and other forms of public transportation. This, in turn, has a part to play in potentially boosting the value of properties here.

“One of the disadvantages is that most of the properties, especially the mature residential areas, are leasehold properties, which could affect secondary market transactions. What I would advise potential property buyers in Cheras, is that it is a predominantly Chinese populated area, which means there is a higher chance of fetching a better price. With the population growing and the place getting busier, you can also take advantage of this and set up a commercial business.”

Celine, Property Agent at MegaHarta
Experience: 8 years

“Cheras is now second fiddle to KL city centre. Apart from being near to it, this neighbourhood is easily accessible to and from every prime location in the Klang Valley. The downside of being in Cheras is of course, the bad traffic. Once the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) second phase construction is complete, traffic would likely improve.

“I’d like to state the fact that properties in Cheras are still going at a low or affordable rate, and that is a huge selling point. To add, there is still room for appreciation of the units, with the upcoming MRT launch. It’s a good time to invest on a property in Cheras, and a good time to move over as well.”

Cheras: To Invest or Not To Invest?

From the insights gathered, we can conclude that due to the maturity of the properties in the area, Cheras has grown itself into a self-sustainable area, and a very suitable place for anyone to live in. It is still growing and more focused towards the commercial aspect of the area, thus the rise of serviced residences and malls i.e. Sunway Velocity Mall, IKEA Cheras and MyTown.

Yes, the traffic may be a bit of a pain, but there are trunk roads and neighbourhoods are generally easy to reach. Plus, the second phase of the MRT will also give tenants an extra form of transport. In addition to that, prices of the properties in Cheras are still rather affordable.

So, what say you? Still think it’s not a good time to invest here? Think again, and let us know your thoughts below!

(Written by: Henry Choo, 11th July 2017)


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In a nutshell, if the constant Traffic jam and Safety issue in Cheras is not a concern for you; Cheras can be a good place to live in.

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I can't agree more with the constant jam in and out from that place. Sigh, truly a nightmare to many but sometimes it's really hard to fulfill what we want

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A lot of New Launched Project here , still looking forward on it ...

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Hopefully the development of SUKE (Sungai Besi - Ulu Klang Elevated Expressway) can soften the traffic in some major roads. Praying for cheap toll fare.

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I wonder what it takes for new expressways in Malaysia to be toll free?

Take for example the Coastal Highway in Johor, which connect Iskandar Puteri to Johor Bahru City Centre... It is Free for all to use.

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Hopefully EKVE Highway can solve the jam issue on Cheras South , especially Bandar Mahkota Cheras & Bandar Sungai Long .

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Hopefully more people ultimately choose to leave their cars at home. And decide to take MRT,  or Uber/Grab. 

I have heard that, if you anticipate your journey will jam. Grab is a better choice? 

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Haha ... i don't think so the residents here willing to leave their car at home  , then take MRT or Grab Car ... even me also seldom to take public transport , my own car is my leg also ... haha

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Cheras is so congested. Not somewhere I would choose to live in. Although it's near KL and lots of amenities around.

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Looking forward to buy property at Cheras next year ...

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how  about M Vertica? also near MRT

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@nicholeliew89  which one? Any good ones recently launched?

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BTW, any new shopping malls coming soon in Cheras this year?

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@domng I think Eko Cheras Mall will be opening soon this year 2018 ... 

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@nicholeliew89 How bout Kajang South Project ? 

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@kksah5097 Hi , May I know Kajang South what project it's ?

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@kksah5097 Any new project just beside MRT Station currently ? 

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The properties in Cheras cheap meh? I don't see any new "cheap" developments in Cheras so far. The developers seem like selling the future price instead of what the property should worth now

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@henry somehow i agreed with you. Abit over price. Belakong also get named as cheras south.

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Wow, Future price. A term which investors would like to avoid at all cost. :^) 

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Hi , I have Buyer looking a new properties somewhere nearby MRT Station ...

Any Idea ?  

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@admin_ps thank you for your great sharing