Bukit jalil the next kl stadium
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Bukit Jalil was once known as Ladang Bukit Jalil, a 1,800 acre estate that housed a rubber plantation, before it was acquired by the government. It was then developed into the National Sports Complex for the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Seeing that it wasn't enough, the town continued growing, and it still is. With a number of developments within the area, and the largest retail mall in the region slated to be completed in 2 years' time, it begs the question, is Bukit Jalil turning into the next Kuala Lumpur?

What's in Bukit Jalil?

Source: https://www.fourfourtwo.com/sg/features/bukit-jalils-reinvigoration-a-new-look-2017-one-worlds-biggest-stadiums

Apart from the National Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil is a rather busy town. Given its short distance from Kuala Lumpur, its tenants are mostly those who need to commute to Kuala Lumpur for work.

The need for more accommodation has turned into an opportunity for developers to set up base in the area. This is bound to see a sharp increase in population in the next year or two, with the new developments that are coming into the area.

Bukit Jalil, despite being a small area, packs a punch with its list of amenities. Within the area itself, there are two LRT stations; Sri Petaling and Bukit Jalil, which is an attraction point when potentials choose the area as their next property destination. Aked Esplanad is the commercial hub within the area, providing restaurants, workshops, shops and offices.

Schools are also abundant here, with the Bukit Jalil Sports School being one of the highlights. There are also 2 major private universities that are the International Medical University (IMU), and Asia Pacific University, which is located in Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil's "science park".

Find out more about Bukit Jalil by watching the video below! 

Will Bukit Jalil turn into the next KL?

When asked about the first thing they can think of about Bukit Jalil, many of our users voiced out their opinions in an instant. Here's 3 of the most common impressions we collected.

#1 The National Stadium

#2 Concerts

Others also remember the place for holding concerts, and performances of their favorite bands.

#3 The "Sports Centre" of Malaysia

True to its nature, Bukit Jalil is also known to our users as the "Sports Centre" in the country.

As much as as it is commonly known, that was in a more general standpoint. What about the people who have been Bukit Jalil natives for a long time? We've roped in some natives to give us a first hand perspective on seeing Bukit Jalil grow.

Yeo, a Sri Petaling resident who frequently travels to Bukit Jalil, sees the change in the area. “Today, it’s generally a good place for singles and college students to stay in. Families are moving out of the area”, he says. Yeo adds that it’s due to the developments changing the location into a “newer, trendier area”.

Chloe, a resident in Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort, also has the same views with Yeo when it comes to the place turning more trendy. She points out that there were a lack of amenities due to the small population size, but it has since changed for the better. "Other than the foodie heaven in Sri Petaling, there are quite a number of good restaurants in Bukit Jalil!"

Some Bukit Jalil natives feel like the sharp increase in developments have become the downfall of Bukit Jalil, especially echoing the first point of our users' opinions. "This place has turned into a really stressful place to drive", Vikneswaran, a resident for 11 years, said, "With the massive renovations and constructions lately, the once peaceful Bukit Jalil is slowly turning into a place where the first thing you think about is traffic jams."

Whether or not Bukit Jalil is turning into the next Kuala Lumpur, our interviewed residents have mixed feelings about it. Agreement is shifted towards the township turning into KL, but there are also views that it is turning into Damansara.

"Definitely! Bad traffic, easily accessible public transportation, 3 LRT stations nearby, Pavilion 2, tourists hanging around the area, and increased number of billboards, especially in front of the National Stadium, makes Bukit Jalil seems more like Kuala Lumpur now", says Chloe

Yeo shares the same sentiment with Chloe. "In any case, Bukit Jalil is going start looking like Raja Chulan soon, with the new projects in the making, like Pavilion."

Vikneswaran, on the other hand, disagrees. "Bukit Jalil is turning into Damansara, which is a bad place to settle, in my opinion."

Experts' view on Bukit Jalil

We have heard the resident's view about Bukit Jalil, so we asked the same question to a Property Agent, to get his views and advice on the township. Ooi, our property agent thinks that there is a huge potential in Bukit Jalil, and it's a very suitable place for those who are looking to rent.

"This is also thanks to Pavilion 2, and everyone is anticipating its completion", says Ooi.

Ooi is in one mind with the residents when it comes to travelling around Bukit Jalil. "The congestion from the ongoing development is definitely a headache, and I do worry about what is going to happen once all of these are completed", he adds.

However, he also acknowledges the advantage that Bukit Jalil has with public transportation. "It will give the tenants more access to places like Puchong, Petaling Jaya, and Kuala Lumpur", he says, "There are 3 LRT stations surrounding the townships, and this is going to be one of the answers to the congestion."

On whether Bukit Jalil is turning into the next Kuala Lumpur, he says that he doesn't see it happening in an instant as our residents have, but in the long run instead. "I see it happening in the next 5 years", he said.

Upcoming developments in Bukit Jalil

Source: http://bukitjalilcity.com/index.php/gallery/

Bukit Jalil has 2 major developments coming in within the next few years, which is the KL Sports City and Bukit Jalil City. The latter, a project by Malton Group, residents will see a new township within the area, and Pavilion Bukit Jalil, a retail mall that will be managed by the same team which handles Pavilion KL. Located right beside the 80-acre Bukit Jalil Park, here's what will make up the township:

1. The Park Sky Residences

A high-rise residency consisting of 4 towers with luxurious layouts in the units.

Sporting dual key units, their unique selling point is their "Semi-D in the Sky" concept. There's a linked bridge which connects the residence to Bukit Jalil Park.

2. The Park 2

Two towers standing tall, it is a serviced residence that has layouts with 2-3 bedrooms. There will be a link bridge that will connect the residence with Pavilion Bukit Jalil, which will be enticing for investors.

3. Park Point Retail

Its units are 2-3 storeys high, and consists of shop offices. Facing the main road towards Pavilion 2, it will be the first set of retail and amenities visitors will see.

4. Pavilion Bukit Jalil

The new highlight in Bukit Jalil itself. Spanning over 2,000,000 sf, the retail outlet will be the largest in the Southern region of Klang Valley. It is estimated to be completed in 2018.

Apart from Malton Group, there are other developers who have set up base in Bukit Jalil City.

5. REV.O @ Bukit Jalil City

6. Aurora Serviced Suites

7. Aurora SOVO

Land across Bukit Jalil City have also been utilized fully, with some completed and upcoming developments. The Earth, a commercial hub located across the road from Bukit Jalil City, is the first in the area to be completed. Other properties, such as Impiana Sky Residency, a RUMAWIP development, are slated to be completed in 2-3 years time.

If you're looking for other properties around Bukit Jalil, you can check out what we have got here.


There you have it, Bukit Jalil has shed away its image as only a "Sports and Entertainment" central, to one that everyone is anticipating to live in. The main question is - will Bukit Jalil turn into the next Kuala Lumpur? The answers from our residents and agent are leaning towards yes, it seems. We will just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on Bukit Jalil? Let us know in the comments below!

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(Written by: Henry Choo, 25th August 2017)


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well, i do agreed that bukit jalil will turn into next KL or might be one of the place that will be included into greater KL.

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When will Pavillion 2 be ready? 

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bukit jalil is good location to stay, the area come with LRT station & public transport, coming up pavillion 2 shopping mall is really convenience,this will be 2nd kl, some more sea games is bring up to world must knows bukit jalil, fye fye good investment location, hurry week up don't sleep & dreaming !!!!

 new project or existing property should buy before not too late!!!!

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I'm not very familiar with Bukit Jalil but I notice quite a number of new properties there. And I've also heard the traffic is horrendous there. Is that true? Better location than Puchong?

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Dear Veronica, the traffic for bukit jalil is good,no jam, about you hear traffic horrendous is not true, and few highway can easily accessibility to get into this location, that only some time having sport,even sea games also never jam,because have another 2 highway can go to, so do not compare puchong is very jam....

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Looks like Bukit Jalil is in for more development. Anyone interested in acquiring residential land in Bukit Jalil? 3+ acres. Interested contact KC 016-2592252

James bond craig junio2006 small

Bukit Jalil's quite a good place to live in. The properties there are not bad too. A few new ones there. 

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is nice with good condition, newly development is namely  branded developer, some more land scape garden good good,facilities more than enaught, specially exim project,this booooming up.

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@raintan_7 Oh really? I'm not familiar with that area. I was just told by a few people that it's quite jam towards one of the shopping mall area.

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It's a Good Investment if compare with Cheras area ?

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Looking forward for Pavilion Bukit Jalil to complete development. Definitely one of a kind mall. 

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The place is not too bad. Booming up place but the traffic condition there is still quite heavy with many exits to many places. Hopefully the traffic can be better there.

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however bukit jalil property is booming up,i really agreed with you john,

some more this is good location driving rang about 15 to 20minns distance to kl city,sunway & pj,subang,cheras.

Jonathan de ho half body small

I actually more worry on Pavillion site as so many unit coming in and without infra such as LRT or MRT with them. And most of the ppl buy there for investment. I more worry, hows it going to be later on. I actually more preferable those walking distance to LRT station which provide more convincing point. Such as Denai Sutera, The Zest , Parkhill etc....

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is jam it would be very super jam,  Such as Denai Sutera, The Zest , Parkhill, km1 & many others condo price will be rise, and i waiting for good time to sale my unit,hehehe

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Totally agree... 

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appreciate with many thanks for same idea,hehehe

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Huge supply of condo at Bukit Jalil based on "Pavillion 2 factor" alone might not be sustainable.

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well, i stay there too. But somehow,i think the traffic there is quite jam sometimes, especially peak hour. Especially from Bukit jalil to kesas, bukit jalil to astro to serdang in the morning, OUG to bukit jalil km1 area, and bukit jalil to kesas in the evening.

Paradigm mall 2 will definitely bring in more congestion, same goes to pavillion 2.  

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There's a condo recently completed called Twinz something, looks quite impressive.

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that is a wonderful good bukit jalil park for residence & a lot of peoples snake marrie pictures

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Bukit Jalil is a potential location which a lot of commercial is still developing.

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yup is good time to invest, a lot investor is searching to buy existing property, especially vista komanwel condo 

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@veron yea twin arkz, mostly tenanted by foreigners,quite some african america to be honest. but quite nice the design. Not bad for investment and own stay

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@raintan_7 yes, because nearby amenities and colleges! good in return!

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dear windz may i know which location you focus??

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@raintan_7 bukit jalil, MK, Setapak

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oooo dear windz is good location, how you do this all far away, this will be very tire right??

you super active, good luck for year 2018.

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@raintan_7  yea,but this is my part time only so still ok. Haha. All the best too!!

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same to you Thanks

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dear windz

you welcome to my website, if any property your clients interested ,we can co agency

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sorry wrong sent

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@raintan_7  sure no problem

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@windzneom many Thanks Windz

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing