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Being a landlord is surely a profitable move if you do it right. Alas, as an owner of the property, you have to put up with a lot of conundrums. We’ve all heard of the stories about tenants missing in action without paying rent, some damage the property, steal your belongings and many more. Oh dear, what a nightmare!

So, when you finally found that dream tenant, it’ll be such a breather. If you’re a newbie in becoming a sensible landlord, and still trying to figure things out - here are 3 qualities of a dream tenant that most property owners are looking for.

#1 Pay Rent on Time

Who doesn’t love a tenant who pays on time? PropSocial’s active users shared the same sentiment too on our Discussions page. In unison, both of them below said that a good paymaster is vital . 

Do you feel otherwise? You are more than welcome to spice up the forum. More often than not, landlord depends on the rent to make mortgage payment. If you’re a tenant reading this, try not to give them a massive headache. If you’re having an issue, notify them beforehand in order to come up with some special arrangement.

To landlords, if you want to avoid having your tenant to pay rent late, provide clear instructions on how to pay rent, enforce late fee (if needed) or in a severe cases, prepare an eviction notice. Open communication is also good. If your tenants have the habit of paying late, talk to them, but avoid sob stories.

Also, don’t forget to check your tenant’s background. You don’t want to end up getting chased by 'Ah Long' to pay the loan because your tenant ran away as reported in The Star newspaper.

#2 Able to Take Care of the Property

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Taking pride in ownership of your rental property by taking care of it will not only ensure the return of your security deposit, but also builds for a great recommendation should you decide to move in the future. One of our user, known as CJ, also commented on our Discussion page saying that the tenants should take care of the property like their own.

Normal wear and tear is something that should be expected by property owners as always, but it is ideal to prevent tenants from causing any serious damage to the property.

Apart from that, this type of tenants would understand the importance of communicating the maintenance issues to the landlord. This is because even a small leak can turn into a big expensive problem, if not fixed earlier.

As a landlord, if you feel many are still oblivious about this, you should outline it in the rental agreement so that the renters are aware of their contractual obligation in regards to maintaining the property properly.

#3 Not A Drama Queen 

While a landlord values great communication from their tenant, a tenant who constantly complains or requires special attention is a pain in the rear end. Imagine getting a call at 4 in the morning shouting: “There’s a cockroach in my kitchen!”. That’s not very ideal, isn’t it?

Landlords might prefer to have someone who is manageable to be their tenants instead of someone who always have something to say. They prefer someone who knows which concern should be forwarded rightfully to them, and someone who can handle themselves fairly well.


So there you go - 3 important qualities that make a dream tenant, if you are already dealing with this kind of tenants then you must be among the lucky ones. Do bear in mind that this is something out of our absolute control. What we can do is to learn from past mistakes to make better decisions in the future.

Do you have any tenant issues to share with us?

That aside, whether you want to lease a unit or looking for a place to rent, just post your requirements here. With the power of our community, we will help you find the perfect home or tenant. With PropSocial, you get Real Neighbourhoods, Real Reviews.

(Written by: Cherrie Tai, 27th Sept 2017)


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Agree on the 3 important qualities of a Tenant... Well, the owner also plays a part, to ensure the tenant stays being a Dream Tenant.

If the tenants loves the rented property that much, they might even buy it from you. At the right price ofcourse!

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That's why some owners refuse to rent it out to students and family with young children. Oh well, I guess the above 3 types of tenants are not difficult to come by if you can filter more diligently on the tenant before signing on the dotted line.

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@admin_ps good sharing