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Check out article written by Cilisos on 10 Truly Malaysian Things That Affect Property Prices

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Come share your thoughts with us! What do you think are the factors that affect property prices or even decisions in property buying?


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Definitely will not buy if someone was murdered or committed suicide or if there's ghost in the unit. Free also don't want :P Haha!

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If got free d please inform me, i will turn it into commercial ghost hunting room~ xD~

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@dj_yat, yeah! Like those 'ghost house' for entertainment and charge per entry :D

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Hmmm... If my neighbours were good looking Ang Mohs, then I might just move right in! Hehe. But ah, looks can be deceiving lah. I won't know if they're good people or not.

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Totally agree with what Cilisos has written. Typical Malaysian buyers.

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Hantu definitely is a NO for me. Going home with a positive energy is important for me

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LOL!!!! This is such a funny article. Well, I guess we won't be able to find out if the house got hantu or not, until we move in.......