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Homeseekers often come across affordable properties that may be furnished or bare. Furnished units are those that come with sofa sets, light and fans, beds, and other furnitures. What is a bare unit? It is an empty space within the inner walls of a unit with nothing, but the walls dividing the rooms. Sometimes, a bare unit even means there are no fans or lights installed within a given unit. There are those who go to great measures and ask if a bare unit contains toilet seats and sinks.

Most of the time, the basics will be there such as a proper sink for the kitchen area and ceiling wirings to fix the lights and fans. To ease your woes, you may glance at a section of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) that states out the unit specifications. The specifications stated must be fulfilled accordingly or else actions can be taken against the developers.

If you possess a bare unit, where do you start for ideas to furnish your brand new unit? Plus, how can you be thrifty with your expenditures for this? Unless you’re an interior designer, this thread is for you!

1. The Defect Liability Period (DLP) Construction Workers

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As most of you know, there is a defect period at which construction workers or the technical team will be present to assist new residents within the first 18 months (typically) upon vacant possession in case of defects to the inner structure of the unit. You can read more about DLP here.

The point is why not hire the construction workers for any extra work that you need. These guys won’t charge a bomb as they’re already serving in the condo. Furthermore, they are aware of the rules and regulations of the management. This makes matters easier for work to be completed without any issues. Craftsmanship in regards to electrical work will be handled professionally due to the fact that these workers have access to the necessary power vaults or chambers on every floor.

In other words, these men are resourceful and are more than willing to help out new residents as they’re looking to earn some side pocket money of their own. This strategy sounds slick compared to hiring a professional craftsman to assemble your unit, which may be of high labour cost.

2. Ahoi, neighbours!

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Yes, what better way than to meet and make new friends with other new residents! This is the opportunity for new residents to share information and help out each other with the types of contact they have and how it fits the need for both sides. If you’re really good with your social skills, use it and try to get yourself welcomed into their new home. They may have just built their new kitchen cabinets. So, get in there and snap a couple of pictures for ideas and why not get the contact of the person who did it for them?

You may even get a discount due to referrals etc. One neighbour may lead to a craftsman that may lead to a grill gate manufacturer who may quote you an affordable price that fits your budget. As the saying goes, the world is a small place. It’s only a matter of finding the right people with the right skill sets at the right price. If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon an interior designer as your new neighbour. Now, that is a fine spot to be in! There is nothing like receiving an expert’s advice on the decorative aspects of your new home.

3. Developers At The Ready

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Many individuals make an attempt to survey the show units at property galleries. This may be a smart move too! Some people go to IKEA, while others head to their developers for assistance. Your developer may provide you with the contact information of interior designer firms or individuals, who may be of service for furnishing purposes.

Think about it! The developers are bound to have their own network of furnishing firms on speed dial! They need them to carry out their own activities for marketing purposes. Perhaps, you may apply this knowledge to your advantage. This is why networking is so important. When you deal with a particular agent for the purchasing of a unit, stay in touch with these individuals. They may be able to support your cause.

4. Do The Amendments First!

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You guys should know the DLP by now! But, make sure you use it to your advantage and not to your disadvantage. Picture yourself setting up a newly installed cabinet in your kitchen area only to realise the visible wall cracks or leakages right next to it. The trouble to fix that defect with the obstacle present will be a tricky job, while ignoring the defect may lead to worse conditions. This adds more cost, time and not to mention headaches for both you and the craftsman!

Let’s not even imagine what this could mean if it was an issue with your plumbing system. That may make it almost impossible for anyone to stay in the new place. These measures may sound simple to remember. Nevertheless, as humans, we get excited easily to quickly shift to our new place without preparing ourselves the right way.

Try your best to be on the safe side. Be laser focused on the defect aspects of your new unit. Already a bare unit on its own, it may be easier to see through everything from top to bottom. Check for lacking signs then proceed with the amendments. Once completed, go ahead with the furnishing process. Never do it the other way around as that spells all sorts of unnecessary trouble coming your way.

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With all of the above in place, one can definitely transform his or her bare unit into a striking furnishing display. The funny thing is, owning a bare unit may be a blessing in disguise too! It’s all about how you, the new owners see it. Necessary steps must be taken to ease your burden to furnishing your home the classy way. Socialise with the right group and you’re all set to enjoy the experience especially if you’re a first-timer!

Do you have any experience furnishing bare units? Share with us in the comment section below. Or, if you’re still looking for your dream house, just fill in your details on our Post Requirements page and we’ll assist you.


(Written by: Sathish Veera, 13th March 2018)


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