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It wouldn’t matter whether you are renting or buying a house. You would most probably want to live in a place that is safe and secure to you.

Although searching for your potential dream home has become easier nowadays, the whole process of buying one still remains a complex one.

Here are the steps you will embark on when looking and buying a new home.

1. Identify your workplace

Is your workplace located at the heart of the city centre? Or more towards the fringe of town?

Wherever it could be, you must be familiar with the place before diving into the depths. Residences within the central areas of these districts tend to be a lot more expensive, and those farther are usually cheaper.

However, with additions of new public transportation routes such as the LRT and MRT lines, you could potentially live farther yet still able to commute with ease.

2. Selecting your humble abode

The first thing you need to do is to match your budget with the available options. Based on that, you would know that you could afford an apartment, or a much comfortable landed property.

It is said that the best way to look around is through an agent. With an agent, you can have scheduled viewings of all the properties you might be interested in. Hugely time-saving and less hassle.

Though agents do come with a price. So make sure your budget can take into account the agent’s fees.

Alternatively, you can also make use of websites such as PropSocial!

3. The viewing process

After you have made a shortlist of the houses you would like to check out, now it’s the time to visit each of them.

Take your time when viewing the place. Things to consider during house viewing are as follows:

And one thing – perhaps the most important thing, to consider is the price. Again, it is solely based on your budget.

4. I’m ready!

Oh, so you think you have made your decision on which house to buy? Congratulations! Now comes the next part, going through the buying process.

Buying a house can be a complicated affair if it’s your first time. The process may involve one or more parties to liaise with, and several deposits will usually be expected.

Here are the general steps on buying your new house. Note that this is a simplified, step-by-step list, and the actual process will take a lot of your time (and money, of course).

(i) Select your property. After going through your budget and looking at factors that make it a good place to live in, it should be time for you to make a decision on the property that you would like to purchase.

(ii) Hire a real estate lawyer. The most important part of the process, as you will need a person to create the legal documents, and receive advice from.

(iii) Sign the Letter of Offer / Acceptance. Drawn by your real estate lawyer, this is basically a black and white request given to the property owner/developer as a sign of interest.

(iv) Pay 2 to 3% deposit of the purchase price. Another sign that you are serious about your offer, and are willing to go ahead with purchasing the property.

(v) Owner/developer signs the letter. By showing that you are seriously interested, the owner of the property will sign your letter of offer/acceptance, and the process is carried forward.

(vi) Signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Another document that is drawn by your lawyer, of which you and the owner both sign.

(vii) Pay the remaining 7 or 8% to make up the 10% down payment. Here’s where you need to pay up that 10% down payment for the property, undoubtedly been promoted non-stop when you’re looking at your options.

(viii) Stamping the SPA and pay stamp duty. This is where the lawyer will come in handy, as most of the time they will be the one to take care of the stamping process. All you need to do is pay for the stamp duty (amount depend on property’s price).

(ix) Register transfer at the Land Office Registry. Registering the transfer of ownership of the property can also be a very complex procedure if you are not prepared. The process will involve several documents and huge amount of time waiting. Be prepared!

(x) Move in to your new house! Hurray! You are now the proud owner of a house. There’s nothing left to do but to pack your bags and move in!


Buying a house is a huge step in your life experience, especially if it’s your first. You should take all things to consider before going through the whole process.

Reach out to family and friends and get their advice. As the cost of living continues to sky-rocket in Malaysia, you should be happy to even have the means to consider buying a house. So, let it be your dream home.

Oh and if you need any moving services once you have bought your new humble abode, you can check out the online moving services of TheLorry! They are able to provide you with instant quotations in under 30 seconds, and have professional movers be at your service.


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