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The property industry boasts many industry experts with their own sets of wisdom and strategies in the current market. Although experienced players may seem dominant, the rookies or new players keep coming in for some taste of property success!

The opportunity to succeed will always be present as long as the individual is well prepared and well equipped with the right knowledge and resources for any type of property within their zone. As long as no shortcuts are taken and the experience learning curve remains rising, a property-driven individual will continue to hone his or her craft in the property space.

Mind you, there are ways to apply before one braves the property waters! These methods are considered basic yet invaluable where knowledge input is concerned.

1. Learn From Within!

There’s nothing like learning something new all the way from the motherboard! It’s the same concept in the property industry. A person can learn unlimited amounts of information when he or she seizes the chance to serve in a property firm or a developer. The experiences combined with the levels of awareness can take one so far in terms of understanding the entire industry mechanism from start to finish. This includes the process of purchasing a land as a developer to selling small portions of it called a unit to a consumer on the other end.

As employees, we are put to new tasks for new learning opportunities that provide the platform for us to question the process and notice the importance of certain procedures. Understanding the different functions of various departments combined with the knowledge of how the payment process is carried out will only aid us in our property journey. Let’s not forget that there may be experienced people in these firms, some with 20 years in the playing field, which may be of assistance to us.

And that is an option presented to us where we may choose to seek opinions of these individuals from various departments. Plus, never underestimate or turn down the chance to interact with a consumer. Sometimes, one is tasked to entertain a given client where understanding their points of views which includes their dissatisfaction factors may be beneficial too.

2. Building Connections


Networking knows no limits and one shouldn’t limit themselves to connecting, especially within the property scene! Shut yourself from this world and you’re already throwing in the towel for the loss. Okay, socialising is important. But, which parties to stay in touch with? The answer lies in the journey of purchasing a new property for any individual.

In this journey, identify the relevant parties who are often mentioned such as agents, bankers and solicitors. Therefore, gather this group of individuals as associates that pave the way for property insight in regards to latest property packages, to the current interest rates or financial process to the law policies and procedures that are crucial in the current climate. Once we start to regularly get in touch with this ever-changing info, we start to see pattern recognition. This evolution will grow on us till we can naturally retain this info.

When that becomes relevant to our minds, the rest becomes easier. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you can communicate your way with these professional individuals. Remember, they probably value their time, so the process as to how you network your way with them is subject to the individual and their approaches. Although you may fail at attracting their attention, do not stop there. You’ll eventually get one as a known associate if you keep trying to interact!

3. Market Survey


Occasionally, conducting a market survey may pay dividends to an individual. This may be considered the most natural approach yet one must embark on a solo mission of educating themselves on what they absorb from time to time. Market survey simply means conducting a research strategy on a given location, reading property related news which includes cases or issues among residents etc. and attending property fairs.

As an avid property student among the best teachers out there, one can only get better and clever in his or her understanding of the types of challenges and solutions that lie in this area. Furthermore, often enough, a person who engages in these sorts of market surveys will become alert on the types of key common terms, which includes freehold or leasehold, rebate options, furnished or unfurnished, Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) and etc.

The more homework you do, the better you understand. In terms of this industry, rookies out there should never stop getting curious about new information or updates. Absorb as much as you can before you are ready to find financial success in this realm.

4. Point of Views (POVs)


Seeking mentorship or taking in the various opinions of others around us who may be better off in terms of experience or knowledge is a brilliant encounter for any of us. The internet is at the ready for anyone needing to hear other people’s POVs. You may prefer to listen to an accomplished property person, who has established themselves in the industry through their social media page or property tutorials.

Perhaps, the idea of setting up a blog or a forum and giving out your thoughts while receiving feedback from others may be appealing to you which might turn out to be an eye-opening experience too. Plus, guess what? This may be an ideal strategy for one to gain invaluable social contacts among property enthusiasts.

Take note, our thoughts and opinions are a result of the types of mindsets that exist around us. Understand these concepts to enable survival skills for ourselves in the property industry.


Seriously! Anyone can become a property expert! All it takes is commitment and some level of charm to ease your way among the best out there.

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect! Keep at it and you’ll able to stand on your own two feet one day. And when that day comes, you might as well be guiding the rookies around you.

(Written by: Sathish Veera, 23rd March 2018)


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Great article Sathish. Truly summarize everything together

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Yes, i am expert too :)

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@admin_ps great sharing. Inspiring!