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Most of us (if not all) has been told by our family that you should buy a house at an early age, otherwise you will regret in the future for not having your own roof over your head.

Let’s be honest, buying and selling a property can be a long and tedious process, far from what you have expected. Getting a loan for home purchase is even harder when your financial isn’t healthy. Therefore, renting can be a more feasible choice before getting yourself ready to become a homeowner.

Here are the 7 good reasons to rent, which PropSocial has put together for you to save you time from googling. You’re welcome.

1. No Maintenance Costs

Leaked pipe? Congested toilet? Guess what — depending on the lease contract, you most probably don’t have to pay for any maintenance or repair works carried out during the tenancy. However, be sure to check out the contract first!

If you’re the homeowner, on the other hand, be ready to fork out cash for that bill.

Well, even though this is not part of tenant’s responsibility, be respectful of the property and don’t cause additional maintenance beyond the expected wear and tear.

2. Total Freedom

Whether you’re not ready to be committed to one location or area, much more prone to traveling or are still saving up for that huge chunk of house deposit, you know that as a renter you still have the freedom to stay wherever you choose that fits you.

Downsizing or upgrading wouldn’t be a problem too. No mortgage, no commitment. If you’re thinking of downsizing here are the top 10 rental homes in Klang Valley that you can rent under RM1,500.

3. No Huge Down Payment

Buying a new home can take up a big chunk of your savings. This could potentially be detrimental your financial health, especially if you have an irregular income. Renting can be a god-sent when you are in this kind of financial situations, while establishing an emergency fund for a rainy day.

4. Free Access to Amenities

Luxuries don’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t require you to travel far and can even be reached on the 5th floor of your condominium building. (For those with rented landed properties, this might not be the case though)

Your life is made incredibly easier and more convenient as a renter of an apartment or a condominium. You get to enjoy full access to amenities and services at no costs, such as gyms, swimming pools, building security, and on-site emergency repair, just to name a few. Put away those monthly gym membership fee and pool upkeep fee for other investments or a good cause that is close to your heart.

5. No Big-Item Shopping Required

The best part about renting a place is that you can also opt for a unit that is partly or fully-furnished to rent so you don’t need to purchase most of the furnitures. Plus, owning less furniture and home appliances means it is much easier for you to move out when you want to.

6. More Friends

If you are not renting the whole house, apartment, or condominium, chances are you are going to have roommates/housemates living under one roof. Good things coming out from having roommates are countless, and the most significant one is the possibility to share most of the costs and cut down your monthly spending to the very minimum.

This is an excellent way for you to meet new people and explore the city that you’ve just moved into.

7. Living in Your Dream Location

Most premium properties are located in prime locations. If owning a property in these dream locations is not feasible for you due to its skyrocketing price, why not rent it?

You can lead a satisfying life with less commute and a lifestyle you want, at a cheaper price in big cities. Big cities are convenient due to its short distance to amenities like grocery stores, shopping centres, as well as transportation hubs such as bus station and MRT station. Here are some properties near MRT SBK Stations that you can consider!

The bottom line is, it is up to you whether you want to rent or to own your home. It’s a personal choice at the end of the day. It could be a good halfway step towards owning. If you’re intrigued by the idea of renting, search our properties for rent to find an ideal rental home, or join our community discussions for more renting information.

(Written by: Sonder, 20th April 2018)


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well, somehow it is more convenience, however, think in another way, you still not owning any big asset under your name if you keep renting properties only.

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you just pay a large amount at once then you can have the property under your name, and some of the property installment is almost same as your rental per month, so why don't you own a property by yourself? You got what i mean? ^^

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110% agree with you!

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@domng Thanks. is my two cents. haha

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@admin_ps thank you for your great sharing