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The first question anyone asks when buying a house in Malaysia during the yesteryears was “Is this a good place to raise my family”. But in the current years it has changed to “Is this place good for my investment” and “I wonder what will the capital appreciation here be like”. This will be followed by a litany of questions inclusive of:

a) Where is the nearest train station?
b) How far is it to KL?
c) Who is the developer?
d) Where are the nearest highways?
e) Where is the nearest shopping mall?

And the list goes on. So if monies and profit were set aside, what else is there to look for in a home? On a fun note, we at PropSocial have compiled a list of fun stuff to look for when buying a house instead of the usual drab requirements that today’s society places so much importance in.

For instance, where would you choose to stay if you would like to get a massage everyday after work? Or perhaps try out a different coffee outlet every morning? Or have you ever felt like a particular area has just too many of the same type of shops, perhaps too many restaurants, or too many shopping malls? Well, every neighbourhood has its own pride, from the innumerous beauty parlours in Sri Hartamas to the plethora of cafés in Bangsar.

So where would you choose to live at if you had to pick a place to stay closest to your absolute favourite thing in life? PropSocial takes a look into the many delights offered by various neighbourhoods around the Klang Valley, bringing you to Neighbourhood Prides!

SRI HARTAMAS - A Pampered Lifestyle

If you are the type of person who loves pampering yourself, Sri Hartamas is the place for you! You will be able to change your nail polish on a daily basis followed by a relaxing foot massage or a gratifying full body massage - or even a full body-to-body massage! 

While catering to foreigners, the business owners of Sri Hartamas have unwittingly contributed to creating a neighbourhood where every sort of conceivable self indulgence is located, from salons, costume shops and of course an overload of Korean restaurants and massage parlours. In fact, this is the neighbourhood which is said by some to be overloaded with self-indulgence establishments. So if you are the type of individual who loves pampering yourself, love trying on a different look everyday, or are just into the Korean craze, you would want to consider buying a home in Sri Hartamas for the pure self gratification it provides!

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BUKIT BINTANG - The Locality that Never Sleeps

The mesmerising strobes of flashing lights, hard liquor being thrown back amongst throngs of laughter, with sweat and booties shaking in rhythm to the hot beat of music in the young night. If that sentence has gotten you hooked, you need to stay in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city centre. Or if you like checking out really hot foreigners or want to visit a really unusual restaurant where you get to smash their plates for good luck, head to Changkat Bukit Bintang. Like to party hard by night at the best clubs in town with the hottest guys and craziest chicks or dine at French, German and Spanish restaurants or just about any internationality? Live in Changkat, Bukit Bintang. It is the most happening place in town, and the place you want to be if you have the heart off an adventurer and the soul of an explorer. 

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SUBANG JAYA - The ‘Unplanned’ Student Town

Well, we don’t know if the residents of Subang Jaya pride themselves for being an ‘unplanned’ higher education town, but Subang Jaya definitely touts the most colleges and universities in Selangor. Each and every one of the institutions of higher education in Subang Jaya are of high quality with international partners, which has turned Subang Jaya into a student town. Ranging amongst some of the most outstanding colleges in this area? Sunway University College, Monash University, Taylor’s College, Metropolitan College, Inti College, Segi College… and the list goes on. So the next time you want to feel young and happening again, head over to Subang Jaya to get your fix of awesome student life!

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BANGSAR - Restaurants and Cafés Galore

So your favourite pastime would be sitting down in a French themed café, sipping on a cup of Illy’s coffee with a good novel in hand while music tinkles in your ear. Or you could be a waffle enthusiast, and like your waffles any way, whether it be savoury, sweet or a mixture of both; or really as long as it’s a waffle you don’t care. Or perhaps you just love mamak food? Or perhaps high class Indian restaurants with their delicately spiced food suit your tastes? Or maybe you just love to hang out after work at the bar with good live bands playing accompanied by excellent cocktails. Whatever it is, Bangsar has a café or restaurant to suit every palate. Your preference in food differs according to your mood? Live in Bangsar.

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PUCHONG - Restaurants Overload

It is often said that the Chinese people will eat anything under the sun. Well, it’s not that they’re greedy, they just love their food! So it’s no surprise that Puchong, being a Chinese majority area has an overload of food of every kind. Best nasi lemak in town? Head to Puchong! Best dim sum in town? Head to Puchong! Best Yong Tau Foo in town? Head to Puchong! Best food in town? Head to Puchong!

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So readers, the next time somebody praises you for your ingenious choice of purchasing a property in the Kuala Lumpur city centre for its excellent location or for getting that condo in Puchong for its great value, tell them you got it not for the investment opportunity but for the chance to club every night or to eat the best food in town every single day! ;D Got anymore neighbourhoods to share with us which are top heavy with one particular establishment? Tell us below, get points and get yourself free Starbucks vouchers!

(Written by: Diane Foo Eu Lynn, 15th June 2015)


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My neighbourhood's Subang Jaya. Although many people say Subang food's awesome, I really don't think so. More catered for students I think. SS14 Subang BKT's not too bad if you don't want to travel all the way to Klang.

Food wise, I love the food in Jalan Alor (although a bit touristy) and Damansara Uptown and yes, PUCHONG!!!!

Entertainment or Shopping wise, I still prefer to stick around PJ area. You know what they say about PJ people being not open to travel out of PJ :D Hehe!

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Ohhh...u make me want to eat BKT for dinner later at ss14. I think Publika is good place to stay for me. I love to cook, so i no need to go grocery once a week. I can just go down to buy ingredient everytime i want to cook. B.I.G after 8pm or 9pm they have 50% discount!! You also can enjoy your yumcha session with your friend just downstair or have a drink in any pub there. It's all in 1 lifestyle if you stay there.

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Anybody knows any good STRAIGHT massage parlours at good prices?

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I love PJ. Big interconnected highways, lots of buildings and offices, lots of old and new houses, playgrounds, nepalese security guards trying to "protect" housing estates, peak hour jams and wee hours free-ways. Potholes and uneven roads. Malls everywhere (good for Aircon!) Cinemas everywhere. Penchala River in monsoon drain mode. Street food everywhere from Uptown to Oldtown to SS2. Night markets almost every night. Heh. This must be the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" ;)

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@Jordan Being born and bred in PJ, I completely agree with you! Food everywhere at all times of day and night!! Yummy too!! Tong shui, SS2 wai sek kai, mamak, Japanese, Korean, restaurant, hawker centre, roadside food, hangout places... I love PJ!!! xD

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@Dianne Just saw your question :) Amante Bangsar, if you like. I heard it's quite good, and the prices aren't too bad either. They have a lot of promotions from time to time.

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@Mag definitely gotta agree with the SS14 bkt and Jojo's pan mee is to die for!!! I studied in Subang for a couple of years and got so tired of the traffic by my 2nd month of being there! Being born and bred in Kajang, I must say that I'm very comfortable with living there. Though it gets congested at times, it still is not as bad as KL and Subang traffic! Mad respect for Subang drivers especially!