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There’s nothing quite like an invigorating shower to wake you up in the mornings and it’s even nicer if you can step straight in from the bedroom—just like a globetrotter wakes up in a hotel in a new country every day. If you long for a luxurious hotel escape, a beautifully designed hotel-inspired or en suite bathroom will create your own personal haven away from the hubbub of busy life, while it’s also likely to add value to your property.

Read on because we’re going to list the ideas to make your hotel-inspired bathroom appeal both beautiful and practical.

Colours Do Magic

Begin with the soothing white as a standard color and then monochromatic base palette such as charcoal, and chrome. Most bathrooms can easily look expensive and elegant in white. White bath linens, countertops, or cabinets in the bathroom can form an exclusively high-end retreat bathroom style. Besides, you can also add in different tones and hues to personalize and create a calming effect.

Suggested trendiest shades are ocean blue, gray, and other lighter tones. These shades are a perfect choice to complement any white space! Suitable matches such as gray tones and brushed silver fixtures can bring the bathroom refinement to a whole new level. Pretty blue or aqua shades can help you unwind at the end of a busy day, too!

Lighting is Crucial

It’s all about attention to detail when it comes to the enchanting hotel-inspired bathroom. Homeowners can sometimes get so carried away with creating the bathroom interior look that they neglect the lighting. An opulent look can be great but without the right lighting it can be cold. Right lighting, especially soft lighting, can create a relaxing and sensual environment. When it’s working well with your paint colours, lighting can also bring this cozy feeling in a bathroom a notch higher.

Strong and sharp lighting is not recommended, as it is very uncomfortable especially taking a bath when your eyes are facing the ceiling. Therefore, be sure to experiment with the light bulbs and fixtures when you choose your bathroom color tone and scheme. Work with your lighting suppliers to discover the best of new lighting design and learn about the important partnership between surface and light as well. Don’t forget to opt for energy-saving bulbs so you can take your long, rejuvenating bath.

Bathroom Fittings, Texture, and Finishing with Personal Touch

If budget allows, you can always go for bespoke customizations with unique craftsmanship including floor, wall, and ceiling. This enables you to have fittings, texture, and finishing of the highest quality, produced by artisans with design and engineering experience. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive if the narrative you are looking for is one that emphasizes with the environment and simplicity rather than extravagance—all you need to do is to do more research and find the perfect combination.

When it comes to picking the materials for your bathroom fittings such as basins, mirrors, towel handles, etc., always go for bronze, nickel, rose gold, and chrome to create a luxurious feel. For example, brass fittings bring an understated elegance to the bathrooms, allowing you to easily combine the classical with the contemporary, whilst providing a high-quality spa experience in the feel of your bathroom. Chrome is many people’s favourite because not only does it look amazing and is easier to maintain, but it’s also the least expensive among others. Besides, you can mix the colours up with matte and gold finishes, making it like a 5-star hotel.

On top of that, tiles can make or break a bathroom design—opt for simple tiles that allow easy cleaning. And lastly, one thing to bear in mind—don’t trade “how it looks” and “because it is cheap” with a fitting’s functionality. When selecting the fittings for a luxurious hotel-inspired bathroom, quality texture and material, and performance are everything.

Everyone Loves a Theme

A theme can transform your dull bathroom into a more cohesive and refreshing space with fantastic relaxation. Options are many and you can choose from modern to classic, industrial to fusion, minimalist to extravagant.

For example, for a modern and inexpensive hotel-inspired bathroom, simplicity is the rule of thumb. Bold patterns, geometric shapes, lines and natural colours can serve as the main theme in minimalist bathroom. Bold patterns create an illusion of a bigger space and infuse character to the bathroom, and geometric pieces such as a square shower makes you feel like showering in the rain. A framed geometric shaped mirror can be hung on the bathroom wall, or a floor-to-ceiling mirror can do the trick as well.

In addition, the floor should be polished smooth to match and enhance the clean lines of the layout. Make use of white and grey for walls, fittings, and decorations and avoid the pop colours. Always remember to decide your theme first before going for bathroom fittings and accessories.

It Smells Good

Coming home to your bathroom every day would be a dream if your bathroom smells good and looks good. A good scent creates a clean and relaxing environment, and you don’t want to end up in a luxurious-looking bathroom that smells just awful, ruining your entire day.

There are many ways you can maintain the hotel quality of your bathroom without the need to turn to harsh chemicals to cover up the foul smells. Firstly, you should always make sure that you have a ventilation system in place, such as a modern built-in fan and a window to allow the air circulation. A bathroom that stays damp can develop an unpleasantly musty odor. Other ways to keep your bathroom stench-free and with an alluring aroma means you can also utilize a scented candle or essential oil diffuser, with recommended scents such as lavender, chamomile, and rose to provide a calming effect. Tip: air-fresheners with anti-bacterial functions and bamboo charcoal bags are great items to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic.

Sleek Technology

The latest technology in the bathroom is how a hotel shows its hospitality towards guests. As a result, incorporating technology creates a smart bathroom that is becoming more and more popular. Just like a smart home, the integration allows for conveniences that align with today’s busy lifestyles and creativity when it comes to style. You will be amazed by the marriage of opulence and functions.

Smart technologies include automatic showers, in-wall waterproof televisions, and stereos with voice control, etc., which can offer tremendous benefits encompassing safety and security, convenience, and efficiency. Automatic showers allow you to preset the temperature with your smartphone without leaving your bed; in-wall waterproof television or stereos with voice control enables you to remain connected and entertained, and catching up with the latest trends and new, while you are taking your well-deserved deluxe bubble baths.

Flaunt Your Proud Pieces

Accessories add a luxurious feel to the overall experience of a hotel-inspired bathroom. By adding sleek items such as robes, rugs, and plush towels, these simple items can help you achieve vacation-level relaxation in your own bathroom. Especially for towels and robes, they are the first things that really touch your skin—so make sure you give yourself the best ones!

If space is of no issue, a bold centerpiece for stand-alone decoration, for example, a freestanding bath at the middle of the bathroom is highly recommended. Now imagine your legs propped up on this stunning bathtub while sipping your cocktail beside some scented candles—an absolute paradise!

The Final Thought

You don’t need to travel far to get the 5-star hotel treatment. With the tips above provided, you can realize your dream of having a versatile and yet indulgent hotel bathroom in your own home—both contemporary and timeless.

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(Written by: Sonder, 21st Aug 2018)


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