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Whether you’re a new occupant or an existing member of the club, sometimes it can be tough to fit in and be favourable among others. As residents, we may want to take the effort to contribute as much as we can.

But, do we know the strategies or methods of how we can build that connection or relationships with our fellow groups of people in a condo? Are we capable of branding ourselves well among others in the same environment? Below are a few ways to consider if you’d like to be that perfect resident.

1. Involved In Management Meetings


Condominiums are filled with management meetings etc. that’s functioned for the betterment of its units. Unfortunately, there are individuals who neglect this responsibility by rejecting condo meeting invites. Then, the next issue will be of them complaining about recent updates at the place. So it’s wise to attend these events for better clarity. As a regular attendee, you may often have a say in almost everything while familiarising yourself with the right management officers. This may even lead to greater roles such as a community leader.

With this job position, you’re entitled to interact with the management authorities and the residents all at once. You’ll stand your ground as some sort of a capable leader. You’ll be praised for your contributions and support towards all residents. That, ladies & gentleman, is how you gain greater respect and amiability within your living space. Be sure that you’re capable of such positions and develop yourself from there as an effective resident.

2. Be Friendly!


In our condos, we often see our fellow security guards walking on and about as part of their duties. Do we even wish them for the day? Simple greetings like hello or a nod of the head wouldn’t be too hard to try either. Always remember, these people are not robots. They’re human beings with feelings and emotions.

When you wave, they’ll wave back! We can extend our wishes too by thanking them for their services while rewarding them along the way. For instance, you may opt to buy meals or soft drinks for them. No, we’re not telling you to do this often. Practice it every now and then and you’ll start to see the benefits on the other end.

3. Obey All Rules & Payment Measures


Do not be a burden or a troubled resident for management parties to deal with. Make their lives easier by following the proper rules and regulations present while preaching it well among the rest of the groups involved. Mind you, most of these rules aren’t really that hard to follow. Besides, every procedure implemented has a backstory behind it or a reason behind its inclusion. End of the day, these measures relate back to us in a good way.

The foundation of the building can then remain strong and absolute without further conflicts or misunderstanding between residents and the authorities. The basic regulations enacted can be maintenance fees, elevator rules, swimming pool attire etc. We all know these simplest of standards to follow. Staying out of trouble alone guarantees you a better prospect among condo residents and staffs.

4. Promote Good Practices


Preaching the ethical ways of things is considered a brilliant method as you’ll be in everyone’s good books. Moreover, your strong reputation can be further strengthened by guiding others to the right path instead of conducting wrongful acts such as polluting the areas in the condominium. In any situation, sustaining a positive image of oneself is a tough ladder to climb as doing one unethical activity immediately damages one’s reputation.

This is why it’s wise to consistently portray a favourable trait as a resident to ensure you’re a credible individual upon first impression. Help out through attractive ways such as helping owners to find tenants or introducing a vacant unit for sale much to the liking of the relevant parties. You’re giving them business which gets you a sweet return too!



The steps are simple. Just add value to others around you and it’ll be a win-win situation for both sides. Condominium residents are plenty! Nonetheless, doing the best as a resident almost doesn’t go without notice. What goes around, comes around.

With that being said, enjoy your time as an occupant of your place through various experiences and lessons within the given community. Learn and thrive along the way as a resident and you’ll be on your way to winning the title of The Perfect Resident!

(Written by: Sonder, 25th Aug 2018)


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Good points but not many follow, especially some tenants from certain countries who behave like "wild animals"

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interested... practices make perfect..

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how many people can do that, i doubt about it. But yet, it's a good sharing!

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@admin_ps thank you for sharing