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“....Feeling curious, she opened the box and to her shock, there was a doll with her resemblance, head disassembled, poked with needles and covered with blood! “NOOOOO!” she screamed and threw the box away. Then she heard a weird noise from the inside of the house. She turned and there it stood—a ghostly figure staring at her!”

Hola Peeps! Attention to all creative scriptors out there: This is an invitation for you to join’s Halloween Spookiest Story Contest.

Halloween is just around the corner, so we are pretty sure that you have been watching scary movies and you have your own spookiest story to tell. Let us feature your story and share it with the world. Demonize us with your crazy spooky Halloween story and make sure you scare the heck out of us! Prove to us that your story is the most terrifying tale ever!

There will be no entry fee. All you need to do is:


The best story will be chosen from the most-liked story by our users and will be featured at’s Discussion page.

Good luck!

Rules & regulations:

1. Submission date: 11th–28th October, 2018.

2. Participants must be Malaysians aged 18–65 years.

3. The story must be between 150–250 words.

4. The story may be either written in English, Mandarin or Malay.


Feeling a little competitive already? Now is the chance for you to win one of these prizes:

1) Grand Prize: A buffet lunch for two at One World Hotel worth RM200!

2) Free-entry ticket (for 1 child and 1 adult) to KidZania Kuala Lumpur (10 tickets available).

3) Voucher worth RM50 for a dine-in at Vineria restaurant for an unforgettable Italian culinary experience (30 vouchers available).

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Living in Bukit Damansara as a student has many perks, including easy transportation and proximity to the HELP University if you are studying there. And as a student, the hours kept are quite odd.

Decided to wash my clothes at 4 am after studying, I took my wash basket and walked down to the kitchen where the washing machine was located. Happily dumping my clothes in and anticipating returning to my bedroom to sleep, a glimpse of light caught my attention.

Thinking it might be a cat up the wall, I turned to look up out of the window. I noticed that the colour of the glints was red and appeared to be looking at me. Not believing in ghosts, I then proceed to pour the clothes detergent in… before suddenly feeling that I'm being stared at.

Turning around to look at what I thought was a cat again, now I slowly realised that they did indeed look like eyes…. belonging on a head of full of long hair. Staring directly at me

Cautiously I closed the washing machine, picked up the wash basket as casually as I could, inched my way back into the house, slammed the door to the kitchen shut and locked myself in my bedroom with fright and horror. I remembered in the bedroom that where the eyes were is a banana tree, I then figured that I'd just seen a real life pontianak.

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When I was eight years old, my family moved to Kuala Pilah, to a decent house in the heart of an old village.

I went to bed early that night, as I need to attend school the next morning. A little while after turning the light off, I heard what sounded like footsteps in the room with me. As I listened and focused, they seemed to get louder. This frightened me from getting out of the bed to rescue myself. There was carpet on the floor and I shouldn’t be hearing footsteps on the thick carpet. I turned on the bedside light and the noise stopped. I looked out the bedroom window in case it was raining as I was hearing the drip of the rain on the ledge. To my surprise, it wasn't raining.

I drew the curtains to make sure I have a better view outside while silently saying my prayer. Soon after, I started asking if anyone was there - the usual questions associated with seances. I didn't have to wait long before I had a response. I heard footsteps almost running down the stairs, and then the room door flew open with a bang. I quickly ran to the kitchen, in less than a heartbeat, where my brother was but I acted cool, and said I was just wondering what he was up to. However, I would not go back to my room on my own for the rest of the day. The mystery remains there.

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It was on a random evening my mother sat across from me and told me of a folklore she used to hear growing up in her village hometown.

The story began with rumors of a young man living alone in their village, who had been seeking for a life partner for some time. Growing desperate as the years passed by, he came across a myth spoken among the elders which says, if you tie a specific red string from a purple banana tree all the way to your bedroom, you will eventually find a woman. And so, tied a red string he did and soon after, villagers heard news of how he had found the one but no one ever saw her outside of the house. All the windows were always kept closed and they never saw him out on the streets since then. He always went straight home to her.

A few years went by and stories arose of how the woman ran away finally. Villagers whispered of how she became deranged and went missing in the woods. To this day, no one knows the truth.

But the elders had always been afraid of banana trees, my mother said. They believed that if you tie a red string from a purple banana tree to your residence, you are inviting the spirit of a woman who resides in the banana tree into your home.

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A breeze tickled me as I stood before my old house. It was years since I had last set foot.With each step, laughter rung in my ears of that day.I made my way upstairs .Pushing open the door.I rummaged through the boxes and picked up a rock.On it wrote 'August 19th 2001 Camp Dolton'.

The wind howled.A storm brewing.I heard the banging of the door. Probably my parents .I looked at the door. Looking back at me wasn't my mom but two blue eyes, rose lips and curly brown hair.I was staring at myself.

She moved towards me.Inch by inch. My breath hitched, paralysed as she drew closer.

She said "You want this illusion to end?". Pitch black.

I woke up dazed.I tried opening the door. Locked .Looking outside, my stomach dropped as my parents pulled up and the girl went with them.I screamed. No one heard me.Except her.She looked back grinning as they drove off.

The door unlocked and I scampered to my feet.But they were waiting for me."You left us behind" "You let us drown!". The haunting faces of my friends whom died drowning at camp.

They came to me like tigers to a deer.

"You thought you could forget?"

Dragging me outside towards the forest.

I saw my doom right there. Vengeance.Struggling, it was no use as I drowned in the forest's lake

"Your past will always come back to haunt you".

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There was a woman who had a seven-year-old son. One day, she bought a second-hand mobile phone from the flea market. When she came home from work, she started cooking dinner and left her phone on the dining table.

Her son saw the new phone. He then asked his mother if he could play with it. She told him that he could, as long as he did not call anyone or delete any text messages. Of course, the boy agreed and went off to his bedroom to play with the phone. 

Around 11 o’clock that night, she went upstairs to tuck in her son and found him fast asleep on his bed. The new cell phone was lying on the ground beside the bed. She picked it up and began browsing through the settings to make sure he had not deleted anything. She noticed some minor changes. He had changed the theme, the background and gave her a new ringtone. 

She noticed that he had taken some pictures with the cell phone too. Thus, she opened the images folder and browsed through them. “How cute”, she thought. He had been taking pictures of himself.    

Then she came across the last photo in the folder. When she first saw it, she couldn’t believe it. It was a photograph of her son, lying asleep on her bed. But the disturbing thing was what was lurking in the left corner of the picture. 

It seemed to show the left side of an old lady's face taking a selfie while the boy is sleeping.

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  只见老婆婆整个人趴在车前的马路上,一动不动,身 流出一堆肠子,还开始渗出泊泊的血水......



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@admin_ps 高中时,在华中桥前的果菜市场发生一幕(惊心动魄)的画面....



  只见老婆婆整个人趴在车前的马路上,一动不动,身 流出一堆肠子,还开始渗出泊泊的血水......



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有一次在泰国l旅游 回到酒店冲凉的时候照着镜子 慢慢的看到自己样子青青了 心想 是幻觉 幻觉来的 但慢慢的看整个样子都变黑了 当时就冷静的开门再开大门跑出去。

然后告诉管理处 他们就帮我换房 然后还找人念经 烧符。

~!@#$%^&* 有东西就不要给顾客住!!!!

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It has been weeks since this boy's family started act strangely. His younger sister don't talk as much as she use to. His parents are often seen standing under the sun for hours. If only he knew the explanation to this.

This seems to began after his father brought back an unusual looking plant. It has a blue iridescent flower. For some reason, that plant is now gone.

There was something strange that happened to him. His friends said that he had spend most his time with them. Strangers saying hello to him and claiming that they had met. However, the boy had no memories of these events.

On one chilly night, he decided to take a walk outside. Then, he was attacked by an assailant who look exactly like him. The assailant pushes him down and strangled him. The boy struggled and accidentally rip off the assailant's face.

The boy's actions had revealed a large hole on assailant's face. There is a hollow space inside of it. Within that space is a single blue flower. It is the same flower that his father had. The assailant ran away right after that.

The boy was quickly ran back home in fright. He told his story to his family. Then, they stare at him in silence. Each of them tear off their face to reveal a hollow skull. They too have a blue flower in it.

As they turn off the lights, the boy ran for his life.

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It was pouring rain that night, the streets were darker than usual. The lamp posts were dysfunctional; some were flickering and some just shut off completely. There sits alone a girl, soaking wet, stranded at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere despite it being past the time for any bus to come by with a dead phone and nowhere to go. 

After an hour without a single car passing by, she suddenly saw a pair of lights down the road. She was elated but the car swerved abruptly around 30 meters farther and stopped. She tried waving to get it's attention but there was no response. In a matter of seconds, the yellow light gradually changed to a red hue. 

Then she saw it..crouching on top of the car, a dark figure with limbs twice as long as that of a human's. For some reason, every bone in the girl's body was yelling "RUN!" yet she stood there, frozen by the putrid smell coming off of it and the squelching sound it was making. The creature turned its head towards her and screeched loudly as she finally made her move and sprinted towards the woods behind her. In an instant, the car flew towards her direction but missed her by an arm's length and crashes onto a tree. 

She ran farther into the darkness of the woods; the awful smell only getting stronger and stronger until she stopped, saw something and realised, she was running towards it's pack.

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A single drop of blood lazily rolled down her cheek. Aria was hoisted up on a rope by her hands, her feet mere feet above the ground. She was swaying gently like a pendulum, and during each movement, her arms felt like they’re about to pop out of their sockets. She tried screaming, her voice failing to escape her lips.

Feeling drowsy, she opened her eyes to watch a guy, also hoisted up a few feet away. He was awake and swinging vigorously trying to loosen the knots. He shushed her as the knots came loose, and he landed with a thud. Quickly rising on his feet, he came up to Aria saying, “I’m Jay, I’ll help you but shhh….”

Aria nodded and Jay proceeded to remove her knots swiftly. Soon enough, Aria was on the floor while Jay was trying to help her up on her feet. That was when Aria noticed the large silhouette lurking behind the shadows of the dimly lit room, and a smile spread across Aria’s face.

“Ugh… Come out already! I’m in a desperate need of a shower!” she screamed at the silhouette. Jay looked confused.

A large scaly figure slithered towards them, body of a snake and head of a human and its fangs dripping venom, “Ah, these hero types taste the best!” its voice reverberating. “Well, Bon Appetite,” said Aria and left the dungeon locking in Jay with the creature. His future dawned upon Jay and a bitter smile was on his lips.

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Dear Sir,

I am looking for a new project to partner or mentor. I have a wealth of experience and funds ready to invest in the right company. If you are honest and competent in handling a quality and fast growing business, you then get back to me (



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@yuukiwhite thank you for sharing