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What does a house need? If you answer, “A family to make it a home,” then yes, you’re correct! But not just that, a house needs more than a family to truly make it home. It needs a little tender loving care, some cool gadgets to ease the burden of chores, and, of course, tasteful and useful furniture and appliances that really makes you feel like the king (or queen) of a castle.

So how are you going to complete the missing puzzle pieces of your home? Look no further, as PropSocial brings to you our whole new Home Products & Services page! Exclusive for PropSocial users, you’ll get to enjoy nifty discounts and promotions from our Home Products partners that will do just the trick to complete your living space.

In no particular order, here are the partners we’ve teamed up with! P/S: They carry some pretty awesome stuff, so we highly recommend checking out their whole range of products.


We believe everyone has heard of BOSCH before, and you probably own something from them, too! If not, here’s your chance to own a BOSCH product.

The item: Gas cooktops from FlameSelect - bid farewell to constant back-bending while checking the flame level as you cook.

The details: 90-cm gas hob with innovative and patented valve technology that regulates gas output with precision, from levels 1 to 9. Additionally, the knobs are accentuated with printed numbers to highlight the chosen power levels.

Learn more at


Your rumah isn’t complete without Ruma! Ruma specializes in designing contemporary and chic home furniture that ideally represents the urban, modern and cosmopolitan flavours so desired by – but have been beyond the reach of – most people. At Ruma, inspiration lives and breathes here.

The item: Maison Winter Beige Sectional Sofa - that’s oh-so-comfortable for those couch potato days.

The details: Made of polyester fabric and solid wood frame with solid rubber wood leg, with 2-year warranty on the frame, and available also in Emerald Velvet.

The promotion: A rebate of RM100 for this super cool sofa! That’s RM100 more to put into your bank account or to makan something fancy. 


If a vacuum is supposed to clean, when you clean the vacuum doesn’t that make you a vacuum cleaner? Nevertheless, Shimono brings to the table a super powerful vacuum that will declare war on those pesky dust bunnies. Designed with portability and convenience in mind, this lightweight and sleek vacuum cleaner can be stored and assembled easily, and traps up to 0.3 microns of dust particles!

The item: Shimono Pro-Cyclone Rocket Vacuum and Shimono Rocket Pro Vacuum Cleaner. Hasta la vista, dust bunnies!

The details: Superb spiral shaft suction up to 15,000 Pa, 600 W power, HEPA filter that traps particles up to 0.3 microns and prevents these particles from leaving the exhaust flow, made of anti-high-pressure steel dust cover (polycarbonate), and explosion-proof pressure up to 80 kg.

Hunter Douglas

An established name in the blinds and shades industry, Hunter Douglas is the go-to place for all your window accessory needs. Protect your windows and protect your home, as harsh sunlight can damage your furniture and floors.

The item: Hunter Douglas PowerView® system, with cool and FREE PowerView® Pebble worth RM313!

The details: The Hunter Douglas PowerView® system is designed for compatibility with most home automation systems in the market today. PowerView® is smart to respond to your voice commands, and the wireless technology integrates easily with any smart home system.

The promotion: Get the PowerView® Pebble free when you purchase at least RM3,000 worth of blinds! Do your duty to protect your home and your family from those harmful sun rays.

DeCasa Marble

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ smooooooth coooool marble top? On hot days, just rest against a slab of marble and its cooling surface will cool you down. DeCasa Marble specializes in marble and granite as well as customized marble tables that will definitely be the centerpiece for your home.

The item: Italian Marble Dining Table - simply elegant and cool to the touch. 

The details: Made of premium white marble (Arabescato Salita) from Italy, direct from factory, comes with a black powder-coated table stand, and a lifetime warranty for resin coating.

The promotion: Receive10% off the normal price using the unique code ‘PROPSOCIAL’ when you purchase this Italian Marble Dining Table (product code: DT#601) at the DeCasa outlet located in Kota Damansara. But be quick, as it’s limited to the first 10 sets only!


Think of GETHA, think of comfort and peace and sleep and… zzz……. That’s just how comfortable GETHA’s mattresses and pillows are! Did you know that the mattress you’re sleeping on affects your quality of sleep? It’s one of the most important things in your home that you shouldn’t compromise on in terms of quality or budget.

The item: Compass Biocare Series Mattress, the first radiation-protection mattress in Malaysia that protects sleep against EMF radiation.

The details: Protects against EMF radiation that is caused by electronic devices (power sockets, handphones, tv, etc.), helps prevent stress by reducing static electricity, regulates the body’s bio-rhythm, prevents diseases and odour with antibacterial features, and promotes quality sleep.

The promotion: 10% discount off the usual price plus two 100%-natural latex pillows for free!

Shop now!

Do you feel like shopping for some new home products now? Because we sure do, and the deals we have on board are just too awesome to pass on! There’s something for everyone here: if you like to cook, Bosch’s cooktops are just the thing, and if you love binge-watching TV shows, Ruma’s comfy couch is just the spot for a couch potato.

Which product would you like to add to your home? Let us know what kind of home products you’d like to see in our Home Products & Services page and, who knows, maybe we’ll even give some away!


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