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The real estate market is a competitive one to be in. Thankfully, help exists in the form of property agents—registered property agents, that is—who can assist us with our various needs and wants in the current market space.

Agents are aplenty in this industry. Different property agents tend to offer different points of views as well. That’s why it’s best to gather a few more agents for a better picture of the real context at play here. In spite of all these variations in opinions, real estate agents continue to grow as strong pillars of the property market.

1) The Mediator

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Every agent stands in the middle between the homebuyer and the seller, as well as the landlord and the renter. The benefit of doing business with real estate agents is their ability to conduct extensive research on the strategic buys and sells of the day before getting back to you. They never bet on one option. Grasping a few options and showcasing it to potential clients is the way to go for them.

This is due to their specialised street-smart strategies being applied, combined with well-versed negotiation skills that ensure satisfaction for both parties involved. The property may seem like an unattractive or at a difficult price to sell/rent or the parties may have disagreements, but one way or another, agents will get the job done. It is in their nature to remain aggressive and versatile in exercising all their resource material without even thinking about throwing in the towel.

As mediators, they exert a set of skills that are effective within the property scene. This level of mastery is gained through the time and effort taken even before claiming their licenses as agents. This is what makes them committed and competitive to come out on top for any client they come across. 

2) A Walking Dictionary

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Agents understand the environment of this industry like no one else. Most of them are in this field for quite some time now, which in turn enables their experience to deploy their actions. If you seek knowledge in the property market, real estate agents are brilliant market informers!

There is nothing like a second opinion or, even better, an expert opinion supplementing your initial thoughts on a given house. Property agents can also present you with a set of insights of how things may turn out due to past pattern recognition of the property market. In addition, they are also well-versed in the jargons of the industry and they understand the nooks and crannies of the property world should you have any questions about your real estate transaction.

3) Expert Communicators

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No real estate agent is able to survive unless he or she builds their professional networking groups. Why? So that they remain updated upon various areas of this sector. This includes being made aware of the banking issues or having knowledge about upcoming projects in a few years’ time.

One advantage is pointing the customers towards relevant banks to apply for certain loan amounts, instead of wasting their time with uninterested banking firms. Their charming behaviours allow them to ease their way through important business figures while remaining in touch with those that provide important intel in the real estate industry.

Real estate agents possess such strong support groups. Without any support, be it in business or in life, no one is able to survive; even if they do, their lifespan would be minimal. In business terms, it’s all for the sake of good business.

4) Understanding The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The paperwork and documentation that circulate this industry can be rather taxing at times especially for newbies looking to invest in the property segment because there is every possibility of overlooking important information that turns out to be a crucial misstep in the process of things. This is a common, yet can be avoided, a problem that can be solved by engaging agents who have a firm knowledge in the current SOPs involved.

If they spot any wrongdoings or faults in legal property matters, they’ll be able to identify them. Furthermore, they may request their fellow solicitors to see things through to ensure no issues arise. Real estate agents are well groomed and prepared in dealing with bulk documentations and they possess the talent as an efficient multi-tasker, among other things. 

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Big investment

Successful real estate agents stand by one important motto, which is time is money! They do not waste their time lazing around. They’re flexible, considerate and empathetic towards their surrounding environment, which is a big bonus in this market climate.

We suggest all of you, potential customers, to get out there and secure yourselves an agent so they can start working on your dream investment while ensuring fewer losses in the process.

What has been your experience dealing with a property agent? If you are a property agent, what is your opinion of the profession? Let us know!

(By Sathish Veera)

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