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Unlike many other countries where dog-friendly public areas are fairly common, it is not the case in Malaysia out of respect for our fellow Muslim countrymen.

Malaysian dog owners and lovers have limited places they can visit together with their furry best friends, whether it be for a stroll, meal or outdoor activity.

As such, PropSocial has compiled a list of places where dogs are allowed, and where dog lovers can spend quality time with their best friends.


Desa ParkCity is the largest and most well-planned dog friendly park in Malaysia. It is a dog-friendly neighbourhood where all the residents are tolerant towards the furry four legged animal.

Proper dog poop disposal bags are available at every corner of the park, and owners are allowed to visit most of the restaurants with their best friends. Dog food is sadly however not served.

Read more about Desa Parkcity :


Little known to many is the dog-friendly park just beside the One Utama Shopping Mall, where it is acceptable for well-trained dogs to be unleashed to mingle with other dogs. It is a huge and spacious park with a small lake in the middle where children love feeding the fishes and turtles - and where the dogs love swimming in as well.

Read more about Bandar Utama :


Swim Paradise Park & Cafe is a single storey corner house located in Batu 3, Old Klang Road which comes with a swimming pool and a little garden for dogs. It costs RM38.80 per hour, where the furry best friends get 2 pieces of homemade sushi!

With the limited space available only 2 or 3 dogs are allowed at a time, hence owners will need to make their bookings early. Although the swimming pool is only at waist level for an adult, both children and adults alike are allowed to swim in the pool with their best friends.

Read more about Old Klang Road :


Located inside Pet Safari in IPC Shopping Centre (next to IKEA and The Curve) at Mutiara Damansara is a cafe and bakery for dogs. Unlike Desa ParkCity, dog food is served in here. They have cookies, cupcakes and even birthday cakes for dogs! They also do serve light toast, coffee, tea or soda for its owners. There is also a dog groomer located just next to the restaurant.

Read more about Mutiara Damansara :


This is a dog-friendly cafe located opposite Souled Out in Sri Hartamas where they serve food for both owners and dogs. It is a very cosy place to relax in and hang out at with your friends who own a dog too. There is a wooden fenced off area near the entrance of the restaurant, where all the dogs can run around freely without their owners worrying that their dog might run out onto the street. 

Read more about Sri Hartamas :


This cafe used to be called as Hop Hop Cafe, as they had, and still have, rabbits for patrons to pat and play with. They have recently changed their name to Barks Bunnies Cafe instead, as they now allow dogs as well. The bunnies are of course segregated to an area of the restaurant, otherwise the bunnies would like become dog food for the free roaming dogs :D This is a wonderful weekend family spot for a meal or coffee for parents with children who loves dogs and rabbits.

Read more about Subang Jaya :

To all the dog owners and dog lovers, you can now take your furry best friend out to all these places and spend some quality time with them. Like they say, a happy dog is a happy owner. Enjoy!

Come and share more dog-friendly places you know of here!


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Jaya One too! Sister actually walks our dogs there at night, should see the faces of the guards! Haha.

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@findjordantan88, which part of Jaya One? Is it a park?

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The whole of Jaya One. It is a strip mall. But not all outlets will allow dogs.

And there are a lot more places than those listed.

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Been to the one in Desa Park City and was completely amazed by it! So many different kind of dogs and I know for a fact that I was waaaaaay more excited than my puppy! Definitely looking forward to trying out the Swim Paradise at Old Klang Road just to see my puppy's reaction on having the tid bits! Didn't know so many places like this existed in KL! Good read!

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Sheilly does this ever time it's evening. Reminding us Jaya One is dog friendly place!

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@nkeong, Thanks!!! But to be honest, I go to Jaya One quite often but I've never seen anyone bringing their dogs out there before.....

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@findjordan88, she looks so happy :D

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Oh this is such a beautiful article! I've always wondered where else I could bring my baby to besides just walking around the neighbourhood! Thank you so much @nkeong, you're sure the list you provided is correct, yes? They won't chase me out of the restaurant? And I particularly love Chilli Rush!

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It's sad that in USJ where I live, although there are loads of furkid parents, most park have that bloody sign there where we aren't allowed to walk our dogs in it..

We can still walk them on the roads on sides...

I guess this is due to ample furkid parents who don't PICK UP AFTER THEIR FURKID...
They leave it there hoping no one notices or until the kids at the football field have a special treatment of foot mask made of poop.

Driving out to Desa Park is so mafan for me.... Can some tycoon in USJ go buy a plot of land and turn it into a doggie park please?

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@Gary_L33, actually the parks in Subang, they allow dogs, but with leash on, which I honestly don't see the point. And unfortunately, a lot of Malaysian, don't clean up after their dog, leaving their poo everywhere! Very irresponsible.

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I miss the days when i am back in Seoul where all doggies can chill in the park with their owners and even hang out in the pubs and restaurants. 

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How about condo? Do have any condo allow dog?

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Depending on what type of size is the breed,  there are many condominium that had house rules of no pets allowed and they are condominium that allowed cats and dogs. 

I mean of course having a shih-tzu vs a German shepherds is totally two different stories as not all dogs are suitable to be breed in a condominium environment.

Is there any condominium in Mont Kiara that allowed dogs or cats? 

Kith   kin   freeman woo   kith and kin   photo by all is amazing small


I think Casa Kiara 2 allowed Pets.

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@freemanwoo I think all the condo in Desa ParkCity allow dogS!

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@imronaldsoo According to propsocial there's 6 condos in Mont Kiara that allow pets.. ?

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Hi Grace, thanks for your advise :) I can further recommend and advise the customer accordingly. but would also need them to check on their end as well with the building management just in case they changed the house rules out of sudden.

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Most condos house rule don't allow dogs, right??

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@ppnnkk2011, yes, most condos don't allow dogs. BUT surprisingly, there are also quite a number of condos in MK and Damansara area that allow dogs :) More than I thought actually. 

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Sometimes the size of the dog are smaller than the size of the cat :) 

so long as the dogs does not make a lot of noise and is confine within the condo itself, there are some management that allowed it

like my condo / apartment in pandan perdana, they use to be quite liberal on cats and dogs until more and more owner/tenant start complaining about the noisiness and hygiene issue. (then the ban started) 

cause and effect i must say...

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True. Can't have a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever or Great Dane running around in a 1,000 sf condo, right? Haha :D

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I heard someone breed a husky in a condo... it must be a large sf condo :D

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@Achilles, no way!!!! Yea, hopefully about 3,000 sf and above. Otherwise, personally I think not so good. Most of the big breed dogs need space to run around, like their daily exercise, it's in their nature. Otherwise they'll go nuts :D

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agree with Magdelin :) 

like my bulldog, the whole compound, plus the 3 storey of the indoor area his indoor gym... 

plus 1 hour walk a day

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@imronaldsoo, haha, I can imagine, he must be really cute :D

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Oh... yes he is,, when he was 1month old, my friend had given it to me due to the fact that most of the time he have difficulties fighting with his other 8 siblings for milk from the mum. 

End up malnutrition and i still remember 2.5 years back, for the first few months, almost every 2 hour at night, myself and my cousin taking turn to wake up and feed him goat milk .... 

and now he had grown to be a chubby potato 

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@imronaldsoo, he is super cute!!!!!  I have a Boxer mixed Rottweiler too :)

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Just came back from a morning walk in my neighborhood. Very annoyed with all the dogs and cats shit on the road/walkways/park. We need more responsible pet owners!!!

Why are these people so irresponsible and lazy if they want to have pets?? Don't create inconvenience to other people....

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@ppnnkk2011, this only happens in Malaysia :D  But not all dog owners are like that though. Those that I know of are mostly quite responsible and clean after their dog.

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This is really a sad case! Malaysia Boleh!

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my kiddo does not pee and poo when he is doing his walk...

no matter what situation, he would need to find his toilet to pee and poo... so if i am traveling, i would always have to carry his toilet around (a smaller version that i can dismantle and install when i am in the other location)

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@imronaldsoo, woah so particular about his 'toilet' :D

Pic small

@Mag no choice.. his skin is ultra sensitive when it comes to hygiene issue... 

his cage had to be cleaned everytime he wee wee or poo poo (if you plan to let him hang out inside for even 30minutes)

there was one incident i paid double of the fee for boarding him into a pet hotel (specifically asking those people there to clean up the cage 3 times a day) plus food is being provided by myself.

end up after returning from my New Zealand trip this is what happeneds to his skin. Took me another 2 months to slowly treat and heal him with antibiotics and additional supplements (and cleaning of his wound every 2 times a day)

there after i had blacklisted this pet hotel not to mentioned paying only half of the agreed boarding fee to them (since i initially proposed doubled and yet this is what i when i fetch him home)


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@imronaldsoo, woah quite high maintenance your dog. Poor thing.... Luckily he has short coat, if he has long coat, will be harder to maintain. 

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@Mag not that bad, if at home he is ok, always stay in door with air-condition, and take his Omega 3 tablet 2 times a day :) 

food wise, so long as hypoallergenic then will do the job :) 

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Old Klang not very friendly area korean town there. haha i bet u get hungry stares when walking your dog there =D

Screen shot 2016 01 21 at 8.27.17 pm small

omg @imronaldsoo, so pitiful! Does the wound come from him scratching the skin?

But your dog is SUPER adorable!!! And how does the portable toilet looks like? Im curious.

Pic small


his portable pet toilet is made of stainless steel (4feet x 3 feet) just like a normal cage minus off the top part, as my dog do not like something covering on top of his head :) 

Pic small

@Zara_Yeow the wound is due to the pet hotel did not clean his place and when he is too tired on sitting and standing to wait for the urine to dry off, he had to lie down hence soaking his own urine back to the skin causing such infection in long run... 

(thank god i was in NZ for only 2 and half weeks, I told my mum, I could not imagine what had happened if i was in NZ for 1 month - maggots will be all around that infected area i am guessing)

Kate chew small

Most of the pet hotels won't really care for our dogs. All they do is just provide a small cage / cubicle for your dog, feed it and then ignore it until you come and collect your dog.

Pic small

quite pitiful ... seriously to speak ... for me I really do not mind paying but then i really need the pet hotelier to be a little more TLC 

Screen shot 2016 01 21 at 8.27.17 pm small

Omg I see I see! But glad that everything is fine now!

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anyone got a nice pet hotel to recommend? 
will need to travel again soon..

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@imronaldsoo, try this Doodles Hut, if it's not too far for you. It's in Kota Kemuning. My friend is the owner and she's a very responsible and caring person. Can give it a try :)

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I know one pet hotel at ara damansara. Here are their website and FB

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@Mag Will try it out... can i quote your name?

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@imronaldsoo, yes, you certainly can :)

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Anyone know of any Condos around KLCC and Jalan Ampang areas that allow small dogs......

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@yslserene It depends on whether the small dogs are those that use to make a lot of noise or quite type. I have friends that stay near Corus Hotel (the condo behind, cant recall the name) they use to have dogs and another one have cats... So far no problem

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Thanks Ronald. will check on it. Cheers

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@yslserene, apparently most high end condo allow small dogs these days. But let me know which condo are you keen to find out whether they are pet-friendly or not and I can find out for you.

Actually if you search for a particular condo name on PropSocial, you can check whether they are pet-friendly or not. Example: Click on Suria Stonor. Scroll to the middle page, it shows that this condo is pet-friendly.

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Great, thanks Mag

S  2c3e50 small

Is there any place in KL where one can stay with 3 dogs? 

Andana small

wow thanks for the heads up! can plan for my dog-friendly home in future.

Kate chew small

@copysanjay, lawfully you can't but I don't think this law was being enforced UNLESS you have a pain in the a** neighbours who file a complaint against you. So, maybe it's wiser to choose your neighbours and make sure they are not Muslims.

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@admin_ps good sharing

Smmm small