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Are you an aspiring photographer with the hunger and passion to articulate the world through your lens? Are you a professional shutterbug who knows the tips and tricks into getting that perfect shot and turning a simple frame into a masterpiece? Do you just happen to capture a great photo with your camera?

PropSocial is looking to collaborate with YOU! Be a part of PropSocial’s campaign to capture the sights of Malaysia and show it off to our fellow Instagram friends!

What say you? Just share us your photos of inspiring Malaysian architecture, quirky or symmetrical interior designs, eye-catching home decors, awe-inspiring sceneries, heart-tugging perspectives of fellow Malaysians, etc. You will get the chance to be exhibited on our Instagram page, and together we will create a free gallery of inspiring shots and perceptions of the indoors and outdoors of Malaysia.

PROPSOCIAL is not your typical property website!

Let’s explore the streets and sights of Malaysia together. We are a platform dedicated to bringing great perspectives of Malaysia. A large community of architecture design enthusiasts, community reviewers, property-search users (and more!) await your inspiring photos at PropSocial.

Follow on Instagram to submit your photographs today! Use the hashtags #unitethroughphotography and #thewhispersofmalaysia and tag on your Instagram post.

Reminder: If you catch our eyes with your photographs, we will feature your photographs on our Instagram. All credits will be yours. You will get your story shared and the best photos will also be posted on our Facebook page to reach thousands of our followers—and, who knows, it may go viral!

Share your photo now!


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