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Property fans and investors, save the date! From 23 Feb to 24 Feb, Quill Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur will be the epicentre of Property Conference (PCON) 2019, shaking up the industry with groundbreaking insights and discussions on how technology is transforming real estate and property.

Organised by homegrown financial platform Wealth Wolves Sdn Bhd and events firm BIGe Sdn Bhd, PCON 2019 is themed 4th Industrial Revolution: The Impact on the Property Market, with Star Property, PropSocial and Homefinder Malaysia media partners.

PCON 2019 aims to gather the experts of the real estate and property markets under one roof.

Property landscape in flux

The two-day conference aims to delve into the effects of disruptive property technology (proptech) and trends such as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, co-working and more on the development, purchasing and investment outlook.

“The main objective of PCON is to gather the experts of the real estate industry and property market, to identify the issues faced by the market and provide solutions to them,” says PCON organising chairman and Wealth Wolves executive director Leong Seng Tat.

Leong hopes that event delegates will contribute white papers to address industry events.

“We’re targeting up to 1,000 participants and delegates for the event. We hope that our speakers will go beyond sharing their knowledge onstage, but also contribute suggestions or white papers to address these industry issues as well.”

Leong also notes that these disruptive technologies have yet to see widespread uptake in Malaysia. As such, developers and stakeholders who adopt these game changers early on will have competitive advantages over other players.

Building information modeling (BIM), for example, can reduce manpower, material, transportation and rectification costs in construction, safeguarding developer margins and indirectly managing property price inflation.

These innovations have benefits for industry authorities and regulatory bodies as well. Big data, for example, has the potential to help government bodies better evaluate project approvals to avoid long-term supply and demand imbalances in the property market.

Aside from emerging proptech trends and property outlooks in Malaysia and around the region, PCON 2019 will examine the disruptive effect of non-technology factors such as cultural and social changes, as well as evolving consumer demands and expectations over the next five years.

No fault in our stars

In line with these goals, PCON 2019 has gathered a veritable ‘who’s who’ of industry veterans and leaders including Alpha REIT Managers Sdn Bhd chairman Datuk Stewart Labrooy, REI Group of Companies CEO Daniele Gambero, Wealth Dragons PLC CEO Vincent Wong, Brickz.my founder Premendran Pathmanathan and Asia PropTech founder Leo Lo.

In addition, RHB Research Institute head of regional property Loong Kok Wen, Lepro System Bhd founder Elizabeth Siew, ATCEN Education Group CEO Ernie Chen, Mahzan Sulaiman founder Mahathir Mahzan, GAIN president Dr Chan Chee Seng, FIRST president Aaron Ting and Portman Education Group head of marketing Gym Chan will be taking the stage as well.

Proptech such as virtual reality, big data, IoT and machine learning are transforming property and real estate.

This star-studded lineup will share their insights through informative discussions and forums on topics such as Property Cycles and Capital Gains: The Timing & Demand Factors, How Property Investors Can Make the Most of Their Tax Returns and How Millennials Are Going to Reshape the Property Market.

Aside from developers, purchasers and investors, industry stakeholders and professionals such as architects, mortgage brokers, valuers, bankers, interior designers, and real estate negotiators and agents would be best positioned to leverage on the learning and networking opportunities presented by the conference.

PCON 2019 is co-organised by Wealth Wolves, a domestic startup focusing on skills development, opportunities, networking and growth in the community through the medium of wealth creation and mutual collaboration.

(By Aliff Yusri, 14 Feb 2019)

How do you think the 4th Industrial Revolution will impact property and real estate? Let us know below.


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Many property related conferences and sprung up these days, we shall see how this fair...

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@carmenfoong Hi Carmen, we've been to a few, but the line-up for this still turned our heads!