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In conjunction with the marvel craze, we at PropSocial are giving away TGV movie tickets to the most creative “clean up” Malaysia answer.

Being a superhero, especially an Avenger’s character, you have the power to do many things.

PropSocial will give you and a friend a movie ticket each, just by simply choosing an Avenger’s character, and justifying why that character’s abilities are the best to CLEAN UP MALAYSIA effectively. 

Sample Answer: To clean up the entire country of Malaysia, I believe being …… would give me …..

1) To clean up the entire country of Malaysia, I believe being Ironman because I can use my robot army to clean up the trash around Malaysia and making sure it is smart and effective #trashtag #takeoutthetrash

2) To clean up the entire country of Malaysia, I believe being Hulk would give me the ability to smash all the trash in Malaysia. #takethetrashout 


1. Only 1 entry per user will be considered
2. 2 contest winners with the most creative answers will be selected at the discretion of PropSocial
3. Contest ends at 6pm on 21st April 2019
4. The winners will be announced via PropSocial's social media sites (FB, Insta & Twitter) at 11.59am on 22nd April 2019

What's yours? Drop us your creative.


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To clean up the entire country of Malaysia, I believe being  Black Panther would give me the power to develop all the useful and advance technology to clean up the trashes in Wakanda. By using the vibranium, green energy is being utilized and this will avoid carbon emission and all the toxic materials being disposed into the environment. With the innovative mind of Shuri, advanced machinery can be developed to clean up the ocean and land waste on a large scale as well as containing and decomposing the waste. The Pakatan Harapan Government should then collaborate with Wakanda to develop these technologies and share the benefits from the technology.

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Untuk membersih kan seluruh negara Malaysia, saya percaya menjadi Ant-Man akan memberi saya kuasa untuk berkomunikasi dengan semua semut supaya dapat mengerahkan semua semut seluruh negara untuk membersihkan seluruh negara supaya menjadi bersih. #trashtag #takeoutthetrash

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To clean up the entire country of Malaysia, I believe being THOR would give me the power to teleport across space and between dimension, thus teleporting all the trash to someplace that is inhibit by anyone or anything, somewhere that is not known and can't be found. And since Mjolnir can create wind powerful enough to lift the Taj Mahal, the wind I created can lift all the unwanted to be teleported, making it so much easier for me to clean the world, all by myself. Perhaps I can use it to emit mystical blast of energy that can mystically cleans the air and absorb the pollutant that pollute the rivers and seas. Eh, I don't have to worry, because being Thor, I possesses a very high resistance to physical injury that approaches invulnerability. #trashtag #takeoutthetrash

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Awesome contest. I did not know Prop Social will organize such contest. Avengers series are the best ever in history.