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It is advised for all individuals to drink at least 8 cups of fresh water a day, not to mention the crucial need for water throughout the day in every household, as well as certain businesses such as restaurants and offices housing staff members.

As one would already know, water is needed for activities such as cooking, washing, cleaning, using the washroom, showering and even gardening. 

Knowing the sheer importance of water, what is one supposed to do when faced with water shortage? And before you get too phased about this remember that you would also be saving water which is environmentally and economically good.              

Stay Clean, but Don’t Waste

Hygiene is key with regard to self-care however, there are some vital pointers that one should follow during a water shortage. Firstly, when you shower, don’t waste too much time in the bathroom with the shower running. Four minutes is adequate for one to have a squeaky clean bath. 

Ladies should skip a hair wash during a water shortage especially if you have long hair. Products such as dry shampoos are available for one to use during water ration periods. It is advisable to turn the air-conditioning on as well so that one would stay fresh for longer thus frequent showers may not be required.

Ladies don't worry, you will get through this, water disruptions have happened in the past too.                     

To Flush or not to Flush

Once you are done showering, the next most probable thing that one would do is to use a water closet (WC). Brace yourself because as most of us are already familiar with this practice hence it is merely impossible to skip using the loo. 

Nonetheless, there are ways to effectively carry out this activity without wasting precious water resources. Do not cringe, but at dire times like these, one need not flush after urinating, instead simply close the lid. 

Perhaps when it comes to defecating, you could flush all the waste at a go.      

Alternative Supply

Malaysian’s would completely understand that the weather is usually temperamental, so it is a good idea to save up on water reserves during rainy weather for use during water shortages. 

The water collected can be used for washing clothes, floors, one’s vehicle and even to clean the WC for a thorough flush. It is also advisable not to use collected rainwater for one’s consumption.              

Baby Care

When it comes to one’s individual care, one should never compromise and even more so with regard to babies. It is advisable to store sufficient clean water to sterilise bottles and to clean up one’s baby. 

The usage of disposable diapers is strongly suggested during the water shortage period, as one could simply throw away the soiled nappy thus, save water.

No one likes to deal with a cranky baby, therefore it is wise to ensure that babies always stay clean and cool. To help soothe babies, one can turn to the abundance of products available in the market so as to save on water usage. 

Using wet clothes or baby wipes at this point should suffice.

The Golden Rule

Don't ever compromise on hygiene and reuse water for activities such as showering or cooking however, one can use it for watering plants. Water is a very personal aspect of everyday life thus, we understand that the current water shortage in Selangor that began two days ago (24th April 2019), would give many families reason for concern.

Selangor is a hub that is rich in retail and recreational areas that could keep one feeling comfortable for longer periods of time such as parks and malls and even local theatres. Visiting these venues could keep one occupied without the need to use precious water reserves one has saved at home.

So take a deep breath and follow the aforementioned tips to help you get through the next couple of water rationed days. After this experience hopefully, one would be less wasteful and more mindful when it comes to appreciating water and using this precious gift of nature wisely.

(by Mae-Ziele Joseph, 25 April 2019)

Would you follow these simple guidelines, to stay afloat during a water shortage period? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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Don't flush after use....flush after multiple use...hehehe