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Most people would avoid living in Shah Alam areas because of several reasons. What do you think?


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I rather stay in Subang Jaya. Apparently Shah Alam no pork, no alcohol :-(

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Shah Alam crazy bad traffic! Wouldn't want to go especially in the morning and after office hours.

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Nope. Would not want to live there. Very deep in, inconvenient and feels very not easily accessible.

Is there even a shopping mall there???

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I think its too far in! Gotta agree with @Mag too! NO PORK & ALCOHOL! Die wei! I know there is a ktm station..but still seems kinda creepy to me..

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Depends on which part of Shah Alam actually... if it's on the borders of Subang like at Tropicana Metropark then yea I like that place. But if it's at i-City.... too many mlys so i really hate that area... and if it's like Ken Rimba area, I really don't like that place also because so many light industrial areas at the entrance and so many students stay there. And let's not forget that the bloody units are not even tiled!

So yea, I'd say it needs to be in a 'civilized' area. If it's in the heart of Shah Alam, don't bother. Not interested. Maybe if you give me a large double storey superlink house with excellent access to congestion free highway for RM250k-RM300k I might consider, otherwise please look at a different sector of the population (*hint hint*) to promote to.

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@veron, I think nearest big shopping mall should be Setia City Mall.

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I heard people said Shah Alam is good for future investment because it's growing but no idea how actually the place is. ICity is the place that I know in Shah Alam, dint visit there for sometime but don't think lot of people visiting there...

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Are you cool enough to live in Shah Alam?

"Ask not what cool Shah Alam can do for you, ask what you can cool for Shah Alam." - John F Kennedy (1961)

I was there when he said it!

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Sorry this is off track from Shah Alam discussion...

I think we should be more conscious on the choice of words due to current racial sentiment in the society.

Hating a place due to too much one particular race is totally unnecessary. I hope the author would remove that portion of the message or I hope moderator / editor could modify the message. How would you feel when someone with a different ethnic background says they don't don't want to use PropSocial platform because there are too much of certain race hanging around here. I believe there is freedom of speech, but I also believe we need to use such freedom responsibly :)

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Agreed and seconded!

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too Malay... no pubs, no fun. No place to buy 4D also.

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Shah Alam is huge! So, it depends which part of Shah Alam. If it's in Glenmarie, those big beautiful landed houses or somewhere near to Setia Alam, I don't mind :)

@danielfoo, chill la... The topic says 'Is Shah Alam cool to live in?' in other words, 'Would you stay in Shah Alam and why / why not?'. That's all. I don't sense any negativity nor positivity in the topic, definitely nothing racist about the topic at all. Unless, some people are blowing it out of proportion :)