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With Eid-ul Fitr just around the corner, most Malaysians would be busy sprucing up their homes in anticipation of visiting friends and family, to create precious memories together.

It is common for households to make minor renovations, apply a fresh coat of paint and even buy new furniture, however, many homeowners overlook the green spaces in one's residence; the first feature of every landed residence, with regard to greeting guests.

Here are some inexpensive ways for one to consider when enhancing one’s outdoor area;

Spruced up tires can add cheer to any green space.

1. Create Rubber Planters:

Are you thinking of what to do with worn out car tyres, or have you seen any lying around - a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes!

Well not anymore, as these aged tyres can be repurposed by just cleaning and spraying a bright shade of paint and hanging them onto a wall or tree, instantly adding cheer to one’s garden.

In addition, one can also fill these spruced up tyres with bright blossoms or even cascading vines.

Bird baths will instantly attract birds, adding life into one's patio instantly.

2. Hang a Bird Bath or Two:

Chirping birds instantly add life into any green-space. One can invite birds into one's garden, by hanging bird baths in your garden.

This could help visiting birds stay cool and hydrated, simultaneously adding eye-catching décor, while you’re at it.

Creating a bird bath is simple – with a twig wreath and clay saucer, instantly adding a whimsical vibe to one’s outdoor space.

  Simple additions such as these handmade lanterns can truly make a difference.

3. Illuminated Tin Cans:

One need not make a trip to the shopping mall to purchase candle light holders. Handmade lanterns could easily be crafted at home using a hammer, a nail and used soup cans which would otherwise end up in the trash.

Making these romantic tea-light holders is as easy as cleaning a tin thoroughly and hammering a nail repeatedly onto the tin surface, making a series of tiny holes into any pattern of choice.

This adds mood lighting to a patio or backyard, perfectly illuminating mundane evenings in one’s garden.

Those that don't have the luxury of time can opt for this simple alternative.

4. Artificial Grass Rug:

Small pockets of concrete-spaces barren on one’s porch, may look better dressed with a dash of greenery, however, this may not be ideal for those that are unwilling to maintain live grass.

A simple alternative is to use an artificial grass rug, that can easily be cut into any desired shape including odd corners.

This should most definitely create a cosy and inviting vibe, for visiting guests as well as family.

Your garden will turn starry upon adding string lights.

5. Add String Lights:

String lights are able to add enchantment into any outdoor space, for a small investment and can be used in a multitude of ways.

One could opt to light-up pathways, illuminate a porch, or even place rows of string lights above an outdoor dining area to create an intimate vibe.

Compact garden sheds like these can truly keep one's garden tidy!

6. Repurposed Garden Storage:

One could embrace one's creative side and build a small garden shed from renovation waste, commonly found in renovation sites, at times even within one’s neighbourhood.

Materials that one should look out for include, used doors and window panes.

Compact sheds can be used to place the odds and ends as well as tools in one’s garden, resulting in a neat and minimalist surrounding in one’s yard – increasing the space available for planting.

You can choose to drape your suspended bed in any colour that is close to your heart.

7. Unwind in Style:

Once you have worked tirelessly to tidy-up the garden, you could install a suspended bed to relax and admire the amazing result.

You can create a suspended bed using a pallet, ropes and a thin mattress, matched with a variety of cushions and comfy blankets; the possibilities are endless!

(By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 30 April 2019)

Are you now equipped with budget-friendly ways to enhance your garden? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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