With the current property market sentiment, selling houses is not as easy as one would assume. This is because of the exceeding supply versus demand whereby most homeowners are focusing on purchasing affordable property offerings as of now.

The creation of new concepts such as transit-oriented developments (TOD), new and amenity-packed townships as well as easy homeownership schemes are making the purchase of brand new properties seem like the best move that one could make when considering property ownership.

However, homeowners should not worry as there are several benefits of purchasing properties in the secondary market such as moving into an established community with conveniences within arm's length thus, existing property owners should think of ways to make one’s property stand out against the competition upon deciding to make a quick and successful sale.

Let’s take a look at some of the important factors that you should look into as a homeowner if you are planning to sell right now!

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Know your Property’s Worth

Before you plan on selling a property, you should always identify its current market value via valuation thus, you should be able to gauge the rough targeted sale price of your home.

Some experienced investors even appoint certified appraisers that would be familiar with investors searching for a property at the time that you decide to place your property on the market.

You should also avoid overpricing your listing if you want to make a quick sale. Compare prices with other similar offerings within your area taking into account the additional extras available in your home as compared to the next.

However, one should be mentally prepared to undersell if you truly want to make a fast sale!

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Enhance Your Curb Appeal

First impressions always matter thus, it is important to ensure that the appearance of your property is captivating and is able to invite prospective homeowners to take a look at what your home can offer.

It is wise to touch up your property and ensure that all damages are repaired, giving the home an overall presentable look. Gardens should be kept neat and tidy while doors and window panels should be given a fresh coat of paint if needed.

One can also choose to add life to your front porch by installing planter boxes below windows as well as adding hanging baskets. If you don't have a green thumb, you should consider hiring a gardener as the look of your garden, could add value to your property sale price.

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Keep Interiors Spotless

A clean home is vital if you are thinking about selling it, this is because prospective buyers should be able to visualise themselves living within the property that you are planning to sell. Do take note that even the most minute of details matter.

Homeowners love stepping into pre-owned homes that are in prime condition, for example, a kitchen that is thoroughly cleaned and appear as if ready to use, as future homeowners would spend a lot of time in this area with family members or even when hosting guests.

It is wise to add a fresh coat of paint, clean and polish the flooring as well as adding fresh and cheery blossoms in strategic parts of the home for example in the living room, the dining area, master bedroom as well as the water closet.

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Present a Blank Canvas

Homeowners would usually incorporate themes and shades closest to their tastes, however, when one decides to stage a home for sale it is best to keep the palette neutral.

Prospective buyers love homes that provide a blank canvas, enabling them to set the tone with their very own tastes and unique design language. You can do this by draping the walls with colours such as beige, cream and white.

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Promote your Property

Make your property known via advertising. You may choose to traditionally publicise via a newspaper’s classified section or for faster response, one could implement the use of digital methods through online property portals like prosocial.my.

Listing your home on a property portal usually would ensure that all the important and key details are included in your advertisement aside from being able to consistently update the listing if the need arises.

If you intend to fully light the burden off your shoulders, you could also decide to employ a real estate agent to assist you with the successful sale of your home. One should take note that such services would require commission charges of 2% to 3% of the total property selling price.

Outstanding Bills and Documentation

Property sellers should prepare a set of documents comprising their identification, latest mortgage settlement, a copy of the property title, copies of quit rent, assessment tax and renovation details (receipts, if any).

Adding to that a homeowner should also ensure that all outstanding fees applicable to a property are cleared, as failing to do so may result in delays faced to complete a successful sale.

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Legal Assitance

One should take note that it is always best to seek legal help when handling such matters as well as to draft a sales and purchase agreement (SPA). The availability of a lawyer is encouraged, in the case that legal advice is needed.


If your current property has been stagnantly awaiting a sale upon being introduced into the market, try implementing these effortless suggestions and watch the increase in buyer visitations that would take effect upon your offering. All the best in making a successful sale right now!

(By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 20 June 2019)

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