Water is an essential part of our lives; one can perhaps live without food but not without water. The unfiltered water that we receive in our homes or workplace is not clean enough for consumption. Being able to provide clean water for your family or staff is something that every homeowner or organisation should prioritise.

When you move into a new home, one of the first things you may seek to buy could be a water filtration system, but with abundant options available in the market sold with fancy functions by different water filtration companies, one can easily get confused. Water is good for us, we all know it however, is there actually a variety of ways that water can be filtrated, clean enough for consumption?

Well-known brands are perhaps popping in your head right now as you think about water filters. It is not adequate to just know about brands, but it is also important to analyse the types of water that different brands of filtration systems can offer to you, your family and to your workplace. Key terms or words such as micron, back-wash, chlorine, hydrogen and alkaline are going to be mentioned throughout this article to better inform you about water filters beyond brand names.

Okamizu has uniquely innovated two-star products in the water filtration line. The brand houses a variety of purifying and filtration products, however, let us dissect the two-stage water filtration solutions offered by the company.

For instance, the OkaPrimus 5-Stage UF Membrane water filtration system is unique, due to the fact that instead of just 2 or 3 filters, OkaPrimus houses 5 filters, created with their own personable components ensuring the production of clean water up to 0.01 micron. Usually, filtered water produced by conventional brands only reaches 0.1 – 0.3 micron, making OkaPrimus 10 times more effective.

The design of OkaPrimus is sleek and designed beautifully with a glass panel, the unit is compact and is able to fit seamlessly into all home designs. OkaPrimus can even be fitted under your sink during the renovation stage of your new home, or even implemented via a simple piping alteration which will allow you to position the filtration system under your sink to keep your tabletops clean and chic. The replacements of the OkaPrimus filters are affordable, even with the inclusion of chlorine filtration features and backwash technology function.

What is backwash technology? Well, backwash technology enables cost savings and no manpower needed to replace filters for example; monthly replacements are now not required. This technology can reduce the risk of trapping contaminant that creates THM (TriHaloMethanes) which is, in fact, a cancer-causing agent. It additionally prolongs the lifespan and efficiency of all 5 filters whilst reducing the risk of by-products.

Okamizu’s water filtration products do not need cleaning, hence the backwash technology has you covered, so you no longer need to worry about that murky look in your filters that can sometimes be a little worrying. Adding to that, the water filtration system does not require an electrical plug, which makes it safe and easy to place near your sink without needing to call an electrician or worry about the spike in your electricity bill.

Okamizu additionally has another product that boosts these unique features to a whole new level. Their water filtration system called the Okaprimus 5-stage Hydrogen Alkaline water system (OkaPrimus H2A), the 1st hydrogen and alkaline water system in the market. You may be wondering, what is the point of hydrogen alkaline water anyway?

Let us enlighten you!

Hydrogen alkaline water from Okamizu is able to make tasty cups of tea for instance, and that is because of the way the tea is able to dissolve in the water even when the water is at room temperature. On a more serious note, health benefits such as hydrogen content up to 1,554ppb which is a high antioxidant, the component are anti-ageing, it possesses detoxifying properties aside from having anti-cancer properties.

As for the alkaline part, alkaline pH converts any water to alkaline and is able to combat an acidic body and balances the body’s pH levels. This is useful in Malaysia, as our scrumptious cuisine does come to a lot of health concerns, hence the OkaPrimus H2A can help keep your body stay clean, energized and ready for a full day, out and about.

PropSocial wants all families to benefit from the benefits of a truly innovative water filtration system, hence we decided to share about the Okamizu technology, that would help you decide what kind of filtration system is ideal for your home and family. Cheers to clean water for all!

  (By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 24 June 2019)