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Have you had a long day at work, and are you looking to relax and unwind - you may not need to step out of your home to enjoy a spa-like bath experience upon installing Centon Shower Water Heaters in your residence.

Centonia Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1995 and has an impressive production of 200,000 units per annum. The established company specialises in the research, design, development and manufacturing of electric water heaters, shower boosters and storage water heaters.

Centon’s unique array of features has won several awards with its latest achievement, one of them being Malaysia Brand Name and Export Excellence Awards by Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Currently, the said company exports its products to 24 countries around the globe!

Centon Shower Water Heaters feature built-in AC Booster Pumps and DC Silent Pumps within its product range (selected models). What this translates to is that water flow in the shower would be boosted more than 4.5 times more as compared to bathrooms that do not have the system installed.

Safety Features

Centon’s range is powered by the PentaFecta 5-point Safety System - a key design element that can shield users against dangerous situations such as electrical and scalding hazards, offering maximum protection, perfect for those on the lookout for a water heater system to complement one’s washroom.

Centon Shower Water Heaters incorporate several added features that set it apart from other conventional water heater systems.

These include a built-in RCD (previously known as ELCB in Malaysia). This feature should not be taken lightly as it a life-saving device which cuts off the power supply in the event of leakage, protecting users from getting an electric shock.

Additionally, this water heater system incorporates a built-in flow sensor that cuts off the power supply, in the event whereby water flow is less than the rated flow that might result in internal overheating.

Centon Shower Water Heaters also feature double function thermostats that have an additional manual reset function, in the event of abnormal temperature rise, protecting users from the risk of scalding.

Adding to that each water heater also has a splash-proof casing, which protects internal electrical components against water jet sprays from all possible angle and directions. All water heaters are also equipped with non-conductive hoses to protect users against fatal electrical currents.

Shower Accessories

All Centon Shower Water Heaters come built-in with 5-adjustable spray settings for you to decide the water pressure of your personalised shower experience with adjustable spray heights, directions, modes and function for an optimal shower sensation.

Those considering using the Centon system should also take note that one would be able to upgrade to a rain shower set (for selected models only) for a truly immersive outdoor-like shower experience.

All Centon Water Heaters are warranted to be free from defects under normal use. During the warranty period, the heating elements (5 years), DC Silent Pumps (5 years), as well as electrical and electronic parts (1 year), shall be repaired or replaced if defective. Get an additional +1 year warranty for all parts when you register your heater via Centon’s e-Warranty portal @ www.centon.my/warranty!

Centon Storage Water Heater

Aside from its instant shower water heater products, Centon also offers storage water heaters to those looking for hotter water supply. The said product also allows for multipoint hot water supply; to supply heated water to different outlet points, or even different bathrooms.

All of Centon’s storage water heater are built with enamel-coated tank. This translated to a much higher resistant to corrosion and leaking compared to the conventional storage water heater in the market. Centon’s storage water heater are more affordable than most storage water heaters thanks to its efficient production and material management process.

For those who prefers to keep one’s bathroom design free of electrical appliances, they can opt for the Neptune Series, which is usually installed above the ceiling.

For those that prefer to save installation and maintenance cost by not breaking open the ceiling, opting for Centon’s Nautilus series could be the best option as it is a storage water heater installed below the ceiling and is easier to fix and service in future.

Adding to that, the heating power of the unit can be adjusted, and the power indicator is also visible for you to check if the heater is switched on or off. Using this type of water heater would also mean that one would not need face delay in receiving hot water supply as the heating unit is closer to the output.

Special Promotion for PropSocial’s Users

PropSocial.my users are entitled to a special discount from Centon's online retailer, Onsen.my. Enter the promo code PROPSOCIAL at checkout to receive an 8% discount off on all Centon Shower Water Heaters! If you are on the lookout for a water heater to furnish your home, look no further and consider the Centon Shower Water Heaters, powered by PentaFecta 5-Point Safety System. These water heaters feature a design that can shield you against dangerous situations such as electrical hazards and scalding hazards with maximum protection.

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  (By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 2 July 2019)  


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thank you propsocial for this offer, may I know when will offer expired or it run indefinitely?