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Malaysia lets ringgit fall below 1998-2005 peg. Theoretically that means higher construction cost. But the question is how BADLY will this affect construction cost? Will this make property price even higher? On the other hand we have an already slowing down property market. How would the mix of these 2 (or potentially more - if you may suggest) factors affect the property price in the coming 6-12 months.


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Yea, I agree. Foreign investors are now eyeing to invest in Malaysia's properties taking advantage of our current situation. But do you think property developers will then increase prices because of this opportunity they foresee?

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Back to basic marketing, developers will have to segment the market and then target which segment they want to go in. There is no "one size fits all"...

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hence, not much foreign investor coming in to our country. wondering why.

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They already came in before, but due to appreciation of ringgit, their investment in USD real terms lost, meaning if they bought a property which gave them a good return at 20%, meaning a 500k property appreciated to 600k. And with the depreciation of ringgit at 25%, they still lost money in USD terms. They cant use ringgit in their own countries can they?