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One of the first things that homeowners will look at when moving into a home is choosing suitable ceiling fans for their home, as it is the most convenient compared to other types of fans. Ceiling fans play a big part in our homes in neutralising the heat, especially during the day.

The first electric ceiling fan was invented by Philip H. Diehl in 1882, using the electric motor of a sewing machine and attaching wooden blades to it. Fast forward 137 years later, today we are spoiled with variety of designs and models of ceiling fans that we can choose for our homes.

The most trusted brand by consumers for ceiling fans, without a doubt, is KDK brand, which offers various choices of ceiling fan, with sizes ranging from 44” to 70” and with 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-blade models.

According to KDK, its fans have safety features that can save you from any mishaps in case something goes wrong. KDK fans have safety wires which secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook which can avoid a fall; and the fans will cut off power supply while detecting dangerous wear and tear of the shaft or bolt. In the event of breakage of the blade frame, the Blade Safety Wire and Blade Safety Hanger (applicable to few models) will hold the blade to the motor, this can actually save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Choosing the right ceiling fans, suitable for the spaces in your home is vital as it can determine the comfortable environment in your home, thus creating a conducive living for you and your family.

Experts at KDK can guide you in choosing the right ceiling fan for your home with these tips.

The Right Size of Fan for Your Space

As we know, living room and bedroom have different length and width and the same type of fan may not be suitable for both areas.

KDK experts say, first of all, you should decide what you need for your home. You should determine what type of control you would like to have. Take into consideration that you need to account for a metre between the fan blade and the wall, which means, a 150cm ceiling fan should go into a room of at least 350cm x 350cm.

To determine the right size of ceiling fans, first you have to measure the longest wall in the room.

If the length of the wall is less than 12ft, a ceiling fan up to 36” would be suitable. For wall measuring 12ft to 15ft, you can choose ceiling fans from 44” to 48”, while for walls more than 15ft, you should choose ceiling fans of at least 56”, KDK experts say.

The experts also note that for larger spaces, you will need a larger ceiling fan with sizes from 56” to 60”, to allow an effective air circulation.

Height of the Ceiling

Most homes in Malaysia has ceiling heights ranging from 9ft to 12ft and an effective deliberation for ceiling fans has to include this factor.

Experts at KDK say that ceiling fans should be positioned to be a least 2.3m to 2.8m from the floor as this could affect the optimum airflow and safety. There should also be at least 10 inches of space between the ceiling and the blades of your ceiling fans.

According to KDK experts, you should lower the ceiling fan if it does not meet the required height. There are several types of installation, namely flush mount, standard, and extended long fan rod.

For low-ceiling rooms, a flush mount (ball joint) installation will be needed, where the ceiling fans are mounted close to the ceiling, without any rods or fan hook. While standard mounting will have a short fan rod, to have at least 2.3m from the floor and still provides good airflow.

For those spaces with higher ceiling, you have to calculate the length of the fan rod needed and give the optimum height of 2.3m to 2.8m, for a good ambiance for your space.

KDK experts say, if the height of the ceiling is 3.65m, just subtract 2.3m and you can determine the length of the fan rod at around 1m to have your ceiling fan at the optimum fan-to-floor height range of 2.3m to 2.8m.

The fan is advised to be at the centre of your room so that it can circulate air evenly. For bigger rooms, you might need to install two ceiling fans.

While having the idea of a ceiling fan spinning directly over your bed in the sweltering heat of our country may seem very attractive, KDK experts suggest that you should not do so, for safety reasons.

Number of Blades Used, Is More the Better?

When you are out hunting for the right ceiling fan and you hear the salesperson recommending you the models with more blades, the first question you will ask is, “are more blades better?”.

Well, KDK experts say, not always. The relativity has always been based on customers’ preferences on airflow. The higher the number of blades a fan has, the softer the airflow it delivers.

The experts say some customers prefer a fan which could make their hair be blown by the wind and a 3-blade fan, which delivers a rougher airflow, can make them FEEL the wind.

“Meanwhile, if you need a fan which could calm you down, a 4- or 5-blade fan can deliver a softer airflow that can be soothing for you,” they suggest.

Experts of KDK also advised that you should not pair the fan closely with the light as it will cause light strobing which may cause uneasiness.

Energy Saving

According to the experts at KDK, all ceiling fans are designed equipped with energy efficiency technology.

“So you don’t need to worry about high electricity costs. Most of our fans come with 5-star energy ratings from the Energy Board, so they’re certified Sustainable and Green,” say the experts.

For a comprehensive guide to choosing your ceiling fan, or any other kind of appliances, do check out the KDK application, which is available in Google Play and Apple App Store.

The KDK app is designed to provide a rich content selection using a simple and friendly function.

The app will be able to calculate and recommend to you the best suitable model, for both ceiling fan and ventilation fan, based on your room’s requirement.

Last but not least, the app also allows you to check out the latest KDK products as well as locating the nearest KDK authorised dealer to purchase the fans, bringing your fan selection experience to the next level.

(3 September 2019)


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Good thing about ceiling fan is, it will last long between 10-15 years till the motor wear off. Then, only need to change a new one. 

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Some fans comes with lighting at the centre of it.