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Ah, Semenyih. What does one think of when the name ‘Semenyih’ is mentioned? 

Quite a few things, actually. 

For some Semenyih could be their kampung, for others it could be a fun weekend getaway, and for the rest? Well, most of the people I ask find it to be very boring. And from that, the thought of moving to a place like Semenyih is a very daunting experience as they are afraid that it is far from ‘civilization’.

Well, it certainly is a quaint location, and many often relate Semenyih to an isolated place. However, it begs the question: Is it really that kampung? Is it that low-cost-no-class of an area? To be fair, Semenyih is far from the bigger cities, requiring travel time of about 30 minutes to an hour.

But that is what makes Semenyih very special: It is a secluded neighbourhood which is still filled with people buzzing around, factories, and a lot of upcoming developments of homes and factories; and yet it has a very firm grip on the best of life - Nature. There is an abundance of greenery in Semenyih, and unfortunately it is that kind of balance that brings the impression to most city dwellers that is a low-cost area.

Besides this unfortunate impression, many are also apprehensive of the rumour that Semenyih is notorious for its crime rate because of the many foreigners living in the area. That is only partially true, as Semenyih is home to a lot of factories of old and of upcoming developments; and the main labour force of these factories are foreigners. But the crime rate is  certainly no worse than that of KL or PJ, and it is generally safe walking around the towns and villages, even in the neighbouring Kajang. Like every other location however, it is not entirely free from crimes. Semenyih does have its fair share, but it certainly isn’t as bad as in some of the more densely populated locations. 

The foreigners are mostly at work during the weekdays, and a few can be found around the area on weekends; but what about the rest of the people? The people of Semenyih are generally friendly towards people of all colors and backgrounds, and they also keep to themselves - you can see most of them walking around attending to their business (parking can be bad!), and they are rather welcoming to all people.

Nevertheless, a word of advice: Try to avoid going into Semenyih during rush hours. The only entrance is a little two lane road, and it is always packed during rush hours; it also gets a little unpredictable during the weekends. However, there is an upcoming exit from the LEKAS highway to enter Semenyih (which will also link to Bangi) near the EcoMajestic and Setia EcoHill developments that should ease traffic flow.

Now that you’ve roughly gotten the main gist of what Semenyih is like, let me explain four reasons why Semenyih isn’t such a bad idea to find a home in:


What article about Malaysia would not be complete without food being at the top of its list? 

There is an abundance of food in Semenyih, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, or other major food franchises. Let’s leave out the major food franchises for now and focus on all the wholesome goodness cooked by the people of Semenyih.

As Semenyih is located quite a distance from city centres, the cost of food here here is much lower. A nice packet or plate of economy rice (self-service rice with dishes) can cost between RM4 and RM6 here, with RM6 being a really big plate; whereas the exact same counterpart in places like KL or PJ could cost from a minimum of between RM5 to a whopping RM12 (yes, I’ve had a plate of economy rice that cost RM12 - needless to say, I never went back to that shop in KL). 

But that’s not all! Most of the food in Semenyih are found in the smaller townships or the ‘kampung’ areas, and they are all cooked by locals. There is no fear of food being badly done by foreign workers who couldn’t really care less what it tasted like. 

Go deeper into Semenyih along Jalan Sungai Lalang or in the direction of Broga and you will see countless fruit stalls by the roadside selling fresh and delicious local fruits at great prices - yes, they have a lot of durians here during the durian season as well, while there are sellers who are very keen on giving away free durian too, no kidding! You will just have to be patient and learn to explore the little nooks and crannies of Semenyih to find all the food.

Affordable Homes

Going on a more serious note, there are a lot of upcoming properties and developments in Semenyih and Kajang, and I mean a lot. Every corner you turn to, you will most likely see a building under construction. 

Thankfully however, most of the upcoming developments in Semenyih are still within an affordable price range. For example, a terrace house here of two storeys can be purchased for approximately between RM300,000 and RM500,000; and a semi-detached home ranges from approximately RM600,000 to RM1 million, with the higher priced ones usually being within classier and better-facilitated townships. The reason for the noticeably lower prices is because the value of land in Semenyih is far more affordable as compared to the value of land closer to the city; hence the homes here usually have a bigger land area and build-up area to price ratio.

The very same classes of homes in the Klang Valley costs much more, with prices starting from a minimum of RM500,000 for a terrace house, ranging to the millions with the bigger and different classes of homes - it is all subjective to the different locations of the homes as well, homes in the heart of KL are always notably overpriced as compared to properties further away from it.

As we understand it, prices of goods and properties are rising and everyone's salary isn’t, so getting a home today is nearing impossible. One of the only ways left for people to purchase a home is to get one that is far from the city centre in the lesser populated areas.

Cooler and fresher air; and also very peaceful! 

I kid you not. Being less populated and being covered in more greens, the air in Semenyih is actually much cooler and fresher as compared to the concrete jungles, and as we all know it, breathing air that is not plagued by carbon monoxide is much healthier, and the cooler temperatures certainly helps with the hot and humid tropical weather in Malaysia.

In the early mornings when the sun starts to rise, temperatures can be as low as 25˚C, and when it rains it gets even cooler! Some days the environment feels as if you are in the highlands.

Semenyih is also a suitable place for those who like their peace and quiet; especially more so at the newer housing areas that are located far off the main roads and commercial areas. These areas are usually very quiet and peaceful, where hardly a sound of anything aside from nature can be heard, and you are also spared the pain of noise pollution from motorcycles and speeding cars blazing around the highways.

It certainly is a much better environment to live in, but of course this is subjective. We all do however need a good dose of peace and nature every once in a while though.

Recreation! Recreation here, recreation there!

If you ask anyone around you “What is there to do in Semenyih, ah?”, the answer will always be the same: “Broga hill lah.” 

And yes, that is true. Living anywhere in Semenyih would put you at a distance of about 10 to 20 minutes away from the ever famous attraction of Broga Hill. 

For the uninformed, Broga Hill is a famous hill in the small town of Broga which is near Semenyih, on the borders of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. A lot of people tend to go there early in the morning or in the early evening to catch the sunrise or sunset respectively. Broga Hill has three different peaks for people to climb to, and once they are up there they are rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding geography - but of course prepare well before you climb, it is not as easy as it sounds! 

So, that’s all? One place to visit for fun in Semenyih, you ask? Of course not! 

If you travel deeper into Broga pass the hill, you will also come across a huge Chinese temple with a massive monkey deity statue on a hill next to it. It is quite a sight to behold, but if that’s not your thing, take the small road to the left of the temple (one car-wide only) and drive all the way in for a very famous Broga Fish Farm eatery where they serve freshly caught grilled tilapia fishes. It is usually jam packed and there is generally no phone coverage deep inside, so you will be out of luck trying to Instagram your food on the spot; you’ll have to bear the wait until you are out of that place.

Don’t fancy traveling so far deep into these areas and just don’t feel like you should be out of phone coverage range? You can always check out the Ostrich Farm and petting zoo (officially known as the Rabbit Farm) in Semenyih, which is just in front of Broga Hill’s parking entrance. 

The petting zoo charges a fee for entry where you can then also buy some treats to feed the various animals in the zoo such as the rabbits, deer, and a number of other animals. It is a great place to bring kids to have fun and interact with the animals. Attached to the petting zoo is also a cafe or restaurant of sorts where you can sit and eat rabbit meat dishes. Yes, you can play with the rabbits and eat them after, but not the exact same rabbits, so no worries there. 

If these activities are just too much for you, you can always grab a fishing rod and go to the one of many fishing spots located around Semenyih to just kick back and ponder on life and its goals as you subconsciously wait for a fish to take your bait.

Convinced that Semenyih isn’t that bad of a place yet?

(Written by Lord Tan, 10th August 2015)


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I'd be able to hike up Broga Hill every weekend!! And rabbit meat would be the new chicken cause there's a rabbit farm nearby! (No offence but I'm a carnivore and a fan of sustainable meat)

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Oh I SUPER LOVE rabbit meat!! I used to have a pet rabbit, and I loved him! I used to stare at him in his cage and say, "I love you so much Fluffy! And I love rabbit meat too!" Poor little creature used to stare at me like he understood what I was saying with his cute little whiskers trembling. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

But on a more serious note, I personally think that the houses there are overpriced from RM600k... and those are not even g&g! At least the ones that I went to at the SP Setia wan la... somemore slated to be built beside the school! Been meaning to check out the EcoWorld wan. I think I'll prefer that one. ^_^

Img 1152 small

I always hear much about Semenyih's Broga Hill. Anyone been there before?

10700288 703567639739508 7136494850663547795 o small

@Dianne I've been there before..hiked up with a fractured bone! Painful but the outcome was worth! The view at the peak gives u a very calming feeling! Simply amazing! On a side note, I would consider buying a house in Semenyih for investment purposes, it is quite a distance from civilisation but for those who prefer to live in a somewhat country side then Semenyih is the place to be! I personally wouldnt wanna live there considering the face that there is no public transportation either. Oooooo..I've even come across cows and goats walking along the road while I was on my way to Broga Hill! Sooooooooo cuuuuute!

P  2c3e50 small

Traffic is a nightmare. I went to Nottingham U campus. The moment I get out to the main Semenyih-Kajang road I was stuck there for almost an hour. May be there is some other way out which is not so jam that I'm not aware of.

C  8e44ad small

Hi there... yup, Semenyih indeed is a good place to live in. It nature richness is wonderful for upbringing kids /children, also to break from current social sickness digital addiction (games, pc, ipad etc...)... Of course there's con in terms of distance or jam but with recently open of Ecohill-Lekas link, condition have improve tremendously. For those who have interest to invest in this hidden treasure either Ecohill (by SP Setia) or Ecomajestic (by Ecoworld), do whatsapp me at 011-12873120, i could be your referral & share the cash rewards with you. Kindly contact me for further details ;-)

Najib small

Got this photo from the net. There are many new development in Semenyih area.
Some more you can avoid traffic jammed at Semenyih town with the dedicated Setia Ecohill LEKAS highway exit.

Semenyih developments large
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@najib_mohamed may i know what's the developer of purple color area?

Najib small

@virspirit Mahkota Hills,  rebranding of Bandar Akademia by Lion Group

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No. 5 - Semenyih dam for fishing kaki's! Hopefully you don't get robbed though.

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You mean it's common people get robbed while fishing???? I've heard of joggers getting robbed though. Strange huh?

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I never understood the logic behind robbing joggers. One of my neighbours were robbed while they were out jogging at 6.30am. All they had were their cellphones. They were robbed by 3 chinese guys driving a Honda who came out with parangs. Like what the heck right?? All for a couple of cellphones??

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Few New Development Township here , especially Setia EcoHill by SP Setia , Eco Majestic & Eco Forest by Eco World ... Looks Good !!

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Unfortunately, the victims were are the wrong place, at the wrong time...

Generally, if the neighborhood is not heavily gated and guarded... I think it is not very safe to be out there jogging.

Img thing small

Still.... I don't wanna live there!!! So far from civilisation :P

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 Kajang is developing fast now... next will be Semenyih for sure. 

Another 5 years and it should feel less rural and become an urban area.   

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@domng Totally agree , at least faster grow up than Bandar Sri Sendayan .

65648440 2406793556070448 9165628430648082432 o small

@admin_ps thanks for sharing

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Of Course it's a Perfect Living Place  , I am love it so much , Semenyih !!

Ind8842 copy small

Semenyih is now a good place to stay, especially the new township, ecohill and eco majestic.