Be it renting out or calling it home sweet home, every homeowner goes through a long and painstaking journey – from scouring the market for a suitable property right up to renovating, furnishing and putting all the finishing touches to give a personal touch to one’s very own abode.

There’s so much to do. The homeowner has to consider how he wants the different parts of his new home to look like, from the living room and dining area to the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Then comes the big and small items one would need for a new home. Like what type of furniture to buy, wardrobes and cabinets and beds, home appliances and all sorts of fittings to make the home complete. Having a full-time job and with a plethora of choices available, the homeowner will find it challenging to fulfil his dream.

This is where RHB MyHome comes in. A newly launched website designed with the homeowner in mind, and another ground-breaking milestone by RHB Bank. RHB MyHome is an industry first, focusing on the move-in journey from A to Z on a single platform.

All-in-one home improvement solutions

RHB MyHome works in the form of a post-home purchase microsite delivering home improvement solutions.

It is a platform for connecting people to an array of products and services provided by renowned partners of RHB, as well as financing aid from the bank covering mortgage top-up/refinancing, personal financing and credit card offers—all catered to bring a rewarding experience of moving into a new home. RHB’s partners are industry experts that include Kaodim, Centri Design (who owns Signature Kitchen) and Qanvast.

So what makes RHB MyHome different from other home improvement solutions providers? Customers get to enjoy exclusive offers from RHB’s partners coupled with attractive financing packages from RHB for using the services provided through this website!

A game-changing concept that brings a seamless experience

Before conceiving RHB MyHome, the bank mapped out what a typical homeowner goes through after engaging with customers personally to get key insights, from the joys of finding a dream home to the frustrations of renovating and maintaining it.

RHB bridges this gap and takes the burden off homeowners through RHB MyHome, allowing them to choose from a wide range of packages and services that fit their budget and lifestyle. Some of these services even extend to home maintenance such as cleaning, plumbing and fittings.

With the conception of RHB MyHome, the bank has raised the bar and will continue to enhance its website in phases through collaborating with more partners to offer better services as well as introducing new features, offerings and content that resonate with homeowners.

In summary, RHB MyHome simplifies the move-in journey, transforming it into an effortless experience from the moment the homeowner gets the key to renovating his new home, furnishing and maintaining it. All in just a few clicks!

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(11 October 2019)