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Hi, anyone here know what is the difference between these three? Thanks :)


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Technically speaking, it's all the same. All three types are commercial prop with almost the same purpose. Thats my 2 cents opinion . Cheers

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SoFo - Small office, Flexi office
SoVo - Small office, Versatile office
SoHo - Small office, Home office

Apart from the difference in name, I have no idea what are the difference. Haha!

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As I know SoVo normally for business usage and normally come with infrastructure..How about those electrical / water billing for SoFo, SoVo, and SoHo? Are they the same?

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No they r more expensive

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@Mag From what I've read online, SoHo is a part-commercial, part-residential entity. It can either be used as an office, or turned into a home, and are given the legal protection of the HDA, whereby Section 3 of the Act states that it can be "adapted or intended partly for human habitation or partly as business premises."

SoFo and SoVo entities, on the other hand, are specifically office or commercial properties, and their usage is deemed to be for office or commercial purposes only. SoFo and SoVo units can be made to feel cosier like that of residential units, with fully-fitted bathrooms and pantries. But they do not fall under the legal protection of the HDA and therefore, buyers do not have the same protection under the Act.

Hope this helps! :)

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all these so called soho,Sofo and sovo benefitted developer so much as they can billing the buyer for the progressive payment when the commencement of the each construction stages.

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Soho n sovo is no much different .. their title r come from commercial title .. n their utilties r more expensive than residencial

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@boontonglau SoHo is actually the only property type that exists internationally. SoVo and SoFo are Malaysia's very own creations of properties sitting on commercial land, costs a bomb, and is the size of Mickey Mouse's apartment.

The difference? It's name. Other than that? Nothing. Utility bills and maintenance fees? Commercial rates and unbelievable.

Hope that answers your question.

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@dianne Haha. Okay...Thank for your answer. Then is it subjected to GST?

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@boontonglau erm... if you wanna say whether the prices of the units themselves will be subjected to GST, then apparently, technically, no. Because developers are supposed to absorb the cost or something like that. But for some reason I really don't think that's gonna happen isn't it? I'm sure they'll figure out a way to shove it down our collective throats. So my opinion? Yes. Some way or another, they will give us many "beautiful" discounts, drape the entire deal in honey and present it to us on a beautiful silver platter. Example:

Hi miss! The property right, is actually RM670k for the 800 sf unit! But hor, you sign up today you get 5 + 5 % discount! And on top of that we will give you an additional 3% discount also if your S&P sign within 2 weeks! And, and, now start up pay on RM FIVE THOUSAND!! Come, come, sit. I calculate for you. You see right, GST now coming already. So... *calculate, calculate* see! Only RM582k!! You get 88k discount, and after you include your RM5k downpayment is already about 93k covered!! So the developer actually already absorb for you the GST cost already, then when you move in that time got move in rebate also! Can cover for your MOT! Then, then, SNP, legal fees, lawyer fees, bank fees.. all also covered!! Good deal right!?!

Bottom line. Yea. Sounds like a really good deal. Only RM5k to foot out to buy a property.
And you get a hell lot of discounts. You even get your MOT sort of paid for, and a semi-furnished apartment with air-cond, kitchen cabinets and fully fitted bathrooms with shower screens and branded goods. But let's not forget something really important. That RM93k discount? It's still coming out of your pocket. Because you remember that base price of 670k? The S&P is still based on the 670k. So technically, you are borrowing that amount from the bank, and you're paying for your own "discounts".

So as to whether the prices of the properties are being subjected to GST? The official word is no. But the gomen can take that and shove it up their collective @55es because the day the costs don't get transferred to us is the day the sun shines in hell.

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@Dianne is right. It's highly unlikely that the developers will absorb the costs. They're bound to find some way to slip it in. GST must be Malaysia's top "horror" story of the year.

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New names being created to attract purchasers

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All these are fancy names created by developers, they all mean the same thing( i. e. Commercial title property being disguised as residential property). It is what stated in the S&P that really matters, and you will not find these terms in the S&P.
The SOHO in the developers' sales brochures are actually called office in the S&P

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@vince2602 If these terms are not stated in the S&P, is that legal? Because the S&P is a legal document, right?

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Lee, the name of property given on the sales brochures may not be used in the S&P, pls chk with the lawyers on the legality of it.
But, we all know that for any development, says terrace houses, the developer may give phase 1 a fancy name like "Summerhome", this may not be mentioned in the S&P

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All 3 can be used for commercial(office) and residential?? Or just SOHO only??

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@ppnnkk2011 All 3 is the same thing actually, just different name. So yea, all 3 can be used for commercial and residential purposes~