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An estate agent is not just someone who goes and open your property door so the potential buyer/tenant can view the property. Many owners feel that an estate agents fee is exorbitant for the little work that they do. What they do not realize is that a good estate agent will have the landlord/vendor's best interest at heart from finding the right tenants/buyers to negotiating the best deals. Estates agents are also consultants for their properties. Selling below market value or untactful negotiations that lead to sour deals as well as pricing rentals or sale price too high causing delays in property sale or tenancy could be very expensive mistakes a uninformed vendor/landlord could make.


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I personally think if you are able to engage a trustworthy property lawyer yourself.  All the paperwork will be done in a proper manner. 

I can see that some Property agents usually just use the same template for tenancy agreement and change the owner and tenant particulars. Stamping I think anyone can bring to LHDN and do over the counter. 

Any owner here Cam share their experiences?  

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yes. normally my agent just use standard template for tenancy agreement. if there is additional clauses required then he dont know how to list it in proper format.

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I wonder if we need to engage a lawyer or anyone can bring to the government office and just ask for stamping services for the tenancy agreement. Anyone can please share their experience? 

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@jean thanks for sharing