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Tenant studying in University returned to Libya in Jan 2020 but could not return in Mar 2020 due to Covid.
It is already May 2021. Tenant managed to get a local friend remove his stuffs and terminate rent.
What can I do to get tenant to pay rent owing as he said he is not willing to pay due to  force majeure?


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Thank you for your very prompt response.

Actually the tenant has not removed any of his belonging yet because he needs to pay all arrears of water charges. He does not seem to be keep to pay the Rm300 move out deposit to the management which is fully refunded if there is no damages to common areas while moving out.
In the event he does not want to pay his arrears and does not move out, how can I handle his items without legal ramifications.

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Any form of self-help measures (for example breaking into the unit, disconnecting access to water, electricity etc.) is not advisable because it would put you at risks for being sued by the tenant.

Since the tenant has not removed his belongings, you may consider to engage a lawyer to apply for a distress action to seize his items in the property. The items will then be sold and the monies will be used to pay to settle the rental arrears.

However please note that you may only claim up to 12 months of the outstanding rentals, immediately preceding the date of application for the issue of warrant of distress.

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Thanks for the information. You are an angle in human form :)

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@MyLEGALResponse any successful cases that owner manage to recover the outstanding rental from tenant and claim the legal cost on tenant? 

can we log a report on CTOS trade reference on the tenant due to outstanding rental?