The narrative of Malaysia as a nation seems to grow itself around the story of unity. From the roots of its history, a seed loomed in the soil instilled by the Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman, who quoted, “We are all Malaysians. This is the bond that unites us. Let us always remember that unity is our fundamental strength as people and as a nation.``. Sixty years and a pandemic later, we find hidden seedlings who hide in the ecosystems of small neighbourhoods scattered around our nation. These are neighbourhood heroes. They help those in need and often seek no adoration from the public eye. They help the elderly, teach students free tuition, and give food to those who cannot afford it. They are volunteers, teachers, and people who we have the honour of calling friends.

As we turn 64 years old (58 with our East Malaysian brothers and sisters), we celebrate the hidden heroes that represent the pride of our nation.

In honour of these heroes, we at PropSocial have teamed up with Paramount Property – the people’s developer. Inspired by their vision to change lives and enrich communities for a better world, Paramount Property places activities to uplift communities as one of the core pillars of the company. Considering that we here at PropSocial are all about championing the community, it’s a perfect match! It is fitting that during this month of unity, we draw upon the roots of our nation and unite to plant a new seed that we proudly call Hidup Berjiran.

Hidup Berjiran is a community project that runs from the 25th of August 2021 to the 9th of September 2021. We aim to highlight the stories of neighbourhood heroes to inspire more people to do good in your neighbourhood. By sharing these stories, we aim to instill a sense of unity within the community. These stories are proof that everyone has the power to take action and create a positive impact on the lives around them. In commemoration of nation month, we want to give these heroes the recognition they deserve for instilling the message of hidup berjiran.

Hidup Berjiran is the spirit we believe that neighbours can share to improve and bring happiness to their community. Hidup Berjiran is a practice of empathy and compassion. This can range from cleaning up your neighbourhood to participating in the neighbourhood watch. Whether you are a young adult helping the elderly transition online or safely sharing water during a water shortage. No matter big or small, every effort in being kind to those around you is an example we all should follow. Hidup Berjiran is a representation of unity that is especially important in improving as a nation. We should all aim to be united as neighbours and highlight those who lead by example.

During the Covid outbreak, a retired teacher at the age of 69 lived alone in a high-rise condominium in Petaling Jaya. When leaving her home with her trolley to get groceries, her neighbour, Ng, noticed. Realising the heightened threat that the virus had on the elderly, he offered to get her groceries for her. They exchanged phone numbers and Ng retrieved the groceries all the while maintaining a safe social distance. He empathised with his neighbour because he understands the struggles of adapting. This selfless act from Ng is one we can all embody. Everyday, these unsung heroes do small things that are key to our ecosystem. It not only protects the people we care about but also improves the quality of life.

We are looking for these neighbourhood heroes. These are people who help the elderly with groceries, volunteer at orphanages, or provide free education for those who can not afford it. These heroes share sustainable living with the neighbourhood and upcycle items to benefit the community. Neighbourhood heroes are the ones protecting our families and people we care about that live further away from us. They help us unite with them in proxy. As they are often silent, we need your help to nominate these heroes. We would like to share their inspirational stories with the public and reward them for their selfless efforts.

Do you know any of these unsung neighbourhood heroes? Nominations are open from 25th August 2021 to 9th September 2021. You can nominate them in four easy steps:

1. Visit our website:
2. Fill in your details along with the person(s) you are nominating.
3. Share with us the impact they have made.
4. Click on submit.

Share the stories of their good deeds with us and inspire the communities around us. Together we can make substantial differences in the lives of those in need. “Unity is Strength”, is written on our national crest. This Merdeka, let us represent our country’s true values by banding together to build wholesome communities. Together we can all Hidup Berjiran.

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(27th August 2021)