It’s important to find a neighbourhood that suits your needs when searching for a home. After all, your residence should be your most comfortable space. Furthermore, the property you choose should remain valuable for a long time. Choosing a high-rise near the MRT line in a good neighbourhood is often a good investment. It provides daily convenience and more importantly, property values here tend to appreciate over time. We’ve narrowed down the top 5 neighbourhoods with an MRT station to make your search easier.

1. Convenient Living in Cheras

Did you know that Cheras has 11 MRT stations? With that, you can rely on public transportation to get around this city. Since the roads are often congested, most residents here are happy to have that option. Within walking distance of the Cochrane MRT station, there are malls to satiate your retail therapy needs. There’s MyTown Shopping mall which contains the largest IKEA in Malaysia and Sunway Velocity Mall. Cheras is a metropolitan city that is packed with amenities and entertainment. Best of all, it offers affordable housing that is relatively near the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Properties near MRT stations in Cheras:

1. One Cochrane Residences
2. V Residence 2 @ Sunway Velocity
3. Green Residence

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2. An Urban Lifestyle in Bandar Utama

Indulge in Bandar Utama’s trendy city life. The MRT station is directly linked to the One Utama mall. People who live near this station can easily drop by the mall to grab a meal on their way home. They can even catch the latest movies with the cinema so close to them. There are many schools and universities around the area including The British International School of Kuala Lumpur, and First City University College. This makes the Bandar Utama station a popular and convenient choice for students. The area is perfect for youths who want to have an exciting urban lifestyle while studying or working nearby.

Properties near Bandar Utama station:

1. Pelangi Utama Condominium
2. 9 Bukit Utama Condominium
3. 1 Bukit Utama Condominium

3. A Peaceful City Life in TTDI

This address is highly sought after due to its excellent location and trendy eateries. Just a 7-minute walk away from the TTDI MRT station is Common Man Coffee Roasters. It is a great place for aromatic coffee and brunch. The township is also famous for its wet market on Jalan Wan Kadir which is only a 5 minute walk from the station. TTDI is an affluent area that provides a wide range of housing choices. The township is surrounded by many green trees, providing the perfect mix of city and nature. Properties around the TTDI MRT station are a popular choice for residents who work around the area. This is because there are many offices and commercial buildings in the township.

Properties near TTDI station:

1. The Plaza Condominium
2. Glomac Damansara Residences
3. The Residence, TTDI

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4. Live Near Nature in Kota Damansara

Nature lovers, if you want outdoor activities amongst lush greenery, Kota Damansara is a great choice to live in. The Kota Damansara Community Park Forest is just a 6-minute drive away from the station. It offers 320 hectares of green forest to explore and a panoramic view from the highest point. If you live around the station, you can enjoy regular picnics or hikes with your family. It is a great way to unwind on the weekends with your loved ones. Moreover, you also have the Encorp Strand Mall which is 8 minutes away from the station. You can find an assortment of food here along with DJ entertainment at the Red Carpet Avenue.

Properties near Kota Damansara station:

1. Casa Residenza
2. Cova Suites
3. Emporis

5. Kuala Lumpur’s ‘Beverly Hills’ called Damansara Heights

Damansara Heights is known as the ‘Beverly Hills’ of Kuala Lumpur for a reason. It is where you can find luxurious homes and many entertainment hotspots. This area is highly desirable because of its reputation as one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in KL. It is a highly accessible location with a well-landscaped environment. Damansara Heights offers a vibrant array of restaurants and cafes here to choose from. This includes Aliyaa, a famous Sri Lankan restaurant. For weekend outings, you can visit the Damansara City Mall which is a walking distance away from Pusat Bandar Damansara MRT station.

Properties near MRT stations in Damansara Heights:

1. Indah Damansara
2. Clearwater Residence
3. Twins

Imagine owning a home near the MRT in one of these neighbourhoods. You can save time while commuting and also have easy access to anywhere within Kuala Lumpur. Having accessibility and convenience is important to manage the fast-paced lifestyle that most of us have. Combine that with a location that fits your needs and you’re all set for a high-quality life.

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(Written by Michelle Yoon, 29 July 2022)