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Recently I came across a new tactic agents are using to advertise their properties either For Sale or To Let. They place their signages or banners at houses or apartments which is not for sale. They choose houses or apartments which are located in very prominent locations, high traffic or busy areas. So, don't be surprised if a property with a big For Sale or To Let signage at its main gate is actually not for sale or to be rented out. The agent placed the advertisement there just to get attention and hopefully respond from potential buyer.  Is this against the law? Is this a new tactic or it has been used for a long time? Not sure if the agent paid the owner/tenant of the property to place the advertisement??


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oh just to add on, more legal dispute... 

when one party suddenly terminate the contract half way and the other parties would require this matter to be resolved in court, the agent might need to be present in the court.

for case of broker, since they are unlicensed, the whole case will turn to extremely complicated

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@imronaldsoo, yea but that also means the so called 'owner's manager' cannot handle the paperwork and collect cheque on behalf of owner. I guess that owner must have really trusted the 'owner's manager'. 

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@Mag, trust me.... majority of the "owner's manager" have better persuasive power than a rookie REN not to mentioned their relationship with the owner...

even when something goes wrong, they still can twist and turn the story up and down, round and round.

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Just an update from the association, AG had issue a circular to the police 2 weeks ago to ask them to investigate on property brokers (so called illegal managers)