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From an investment perspective, do you think the secondary areas of today that are going to be connected to the MRTs would give better investment returns as compared to the hotspots of today?


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Maybe not. Secondary areas such as Semenyih, Sungai Buloh, Sungai Besi, etc might not give you better ROI even with the existence of MRT, as a lot of people are still aiming to live or buy in hot locations as it is much more easier to access, convenient and easier to rent out too, as compared to those not so hot locations.

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Yes, I think properties in the not so hot areas still have room to increase prices with the upcoming MRT in the future as they are still affordable now, therefore higher returns. However, properties in the hot areas are mostly very expensive, many middle income earners find it too expensive and some cannot even afford. So they rather buy somewhere further or secluded and in the future with MRT, distance or location will not be an issue. 

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I think MRT should not even be a determining factor of the property prices or its ROI. Why? Because people will not really choose to travel with MRT, we will all still prefer to drive as we are all used to it (not unless MRT standard becomes like Singapore or UK or even Bangkok standard, where there's a station at almost every corner). Generally people's no.1 criteria when buying a property is still location. People still prefer to stay or buy in a convenient location and not somewhere too 'ulu' or 'kampung'. Personally, I would rather pay a bit more for a good location than pay lesser for somewhere inconvenient or not easily accessible just because of the existence of MRT. 

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I really think it depends. For example if an MRT station is going to be built in a place like Bukit Beruntung doesn't mean the prices there are going to suddenly shoot up. Maybe it will for a while during the MRT hype, but during bad times... we see which area die first lor hor. =.=

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I think it really depends. For me although it will be attractive but I would still prefer a location that is convenience for my daily life, e.g work, hangout and more.... Cause what I think is even the property is situated near MRT or even bus station, doesn't means life will become more easier due to the time consumed for waiting bus, transferring etc. And because it's in Malaysia, anything can happens to those public transport system. LOL

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For me, I think definitely for commercial property...

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many criterias still need to consider such as what surround the place other than MRT, upcoming catalysts that able to help boost the crowds, and etc. I think both also can get high investment return..

@freemanwoo, need purchasing power and holding power @.@

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Yea but even if it's commercial you need to have a catchment of people around. If you have a commercial place in a kampung with an MRT compared to somewhere like this http://www.propsocial.my/property/5219/bandar-sunway/sunway-geo-retail you tell me which one is better. =.="

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It would add a lot of convenience for those that is not born and breed in the klang valley (especially for those that is from outstation and getting their first job or planning to settle down in KL while getting their own house) 

just my 2 cents 

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It is always a safer bet going for proven established areas.... but price is a bit high

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or if not... buy sub-sale property ;) 

thats what i normally advise my client :)

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I would stick to current hotspots if i were to purchase a house for own stay. But as for ROI, i would go for places with upcoming MRT line.